Course MD901 Summer 2010

'The Rorschach Intervention of Mediated Reality

  • Abstract

Mediated Reality describes the concept of filtering our vision of reality, while Rorschach tests are used as assessments that describe a human being’s personality. The concept of this research is to intervene mediated reality with Rorschach testing, to obtain a new psychological and artistic feedback, and connect them with the interactions of Al Darb al Ahmar citizens. This is all a matter of Transforming the space in order to reveal the inner characteristics of the people of Al Darb al Ahmar.

  • What is Mediated Reality?

Augmented Reality is one of the newest innovations in the electronics industry. It superimposes graphics, audio and other sense enhancements from computer screens onto real time environments. Augmented reality goes far beyond the static graphics technology of television where the graphics imposed do not change with the perspective. Augmented reality systems also superimpose graphics for every perspective, and adjust to every movement of the user's head, eyes, and all of his physical movements.

Augmented Architecture

  • Transforming Mirrors

Interactive Technology is a medium through which we communicate with ourselves, specifically through a mirror. The mirror is used as a technique of expression, and exploring the meaning of interface itself. The relationship of control is desirable to the degree that our technologies are extensions of ourselves, however, these extensions are not just enlargements of the boundaries of our autonomous individualities, they are interfaces through which our contact with the outside world is mediated.

  • Rorschach Tests
Rorschach Inkblot Test

A Rorschach test is a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions are recorded and then analyzed via an example of inkblot shaped figures. Some psychologists and psychiatrists use this test to examine a person's personality, characteristics, and emotional functioning; it has been used to detect an underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly. This type of test was named after its creator, Hermann Rorschach, who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist born in Zürich, 8 November 1884.

Hermann Rorschach

  • Concept

It is aimed in this project to design a new activity in augmented reality papervision3d, specifically connected to the occupations of a rorschach test, in order to study how the viewers come to communicating with themselves, how they reveal their inner characteristics, and how they come to accept or reject it. Viewers will simply choose a marker of their choice, examine it at first (thus revealing their inner characteristics and studying their personality), show it to the screen, as it will display a 3D object in place of the marker.

Randomly this project focuses on a psychological approach, every human being has a character, and through the rorschach tests which will appear in the markers, this human being's character can be revealed easily. In front of a psychiatrist, the viewer will feel uncomfortable trying to view the rorschach, however, in a more free program, the viewer will have much more comfort, for the viewer is not viewing the marker for someone else, but is viewing it for and in front of him/herself.

The Marker's primary occupation is to view the 3D object/animation on the screen, however it also has a secondary occupation for this project, which is to capture the viewers' attentions. Every character has what he/she desires, or at least a part of them that has it's own type of desire which can be somewhat invisible or unknown, and this project tests to see how the viewers come to reject or accept what the markers they choose give them. A person just walks around, and by seeing the multiple of markers, one might just capture that person, and thus attract him/her to grabbing it accordingly to how they see it based on their character; this leads to learning how the interface introduces the viewers' character.


First Marker Board Second Marker Board Second Marker Board

  • Project due date: Tuesday 28th December 2010

  • Equipment List
       •	A webcam (for previewing augmented reality on viewers)

       •	A projector (for previewing the transforming mirror on viewers)

       •	A laptop (for producing the data)

       •	A cloth (for better view of projection at night)

       •	A table (for securing the laptop and carrying the markers)

       •	A USB external (for extending the usb cable for the webcam’s position)

       •	A projection external (for extending the projection to the laptop’s position)

       •	An electric external (for extended electricity on project)

  • Work Plan


     1- Develop Research
     2- Finalize Project and Research Question
     3- Finalize Equipments List
     4- Choose Sight


     1- Study Sight
     2- Design and Finalize Action Script 3 code and Marker Design
     3- Manage Interviews


     1- Study Prototype
     2- Manage Equipments
     3- Prepare Sight for Installation
     4- Export Installation


     1- Study Results
     2- Finalize Paper & Documentary
     3- Final Presentation

  • Mediated Reality Prototype

The prototype was designed to be tested in a cafe/restaurant. The purpose of this prototype was to test the reaction of the viewer towards seeing the 3D model in virtual reality, which was unseen in real-time reality. The hardware was installed beside the cafe's entrance door, in order to catch the eye either through the visitor's entrance or exit with the usage of the computer screen. The viewers however, were not attracted as planned to the project as they passed, it was believed at first that the problem was in the location, so the computer and the markers were moved to the center of the cafe, but still the viewers were not interested, so an attempt was made, to interview with a person passing by, and introduce him/her to the project and presenting an invite to try it out; the viewer found it interesting after that.

Therefore, a free open tryout is not recommended for this project.

In Darb al Ahmar, the computer screen will be replaced by a high visual projector viewed in the chosen sight.

Click Prototype Hardware for further details


Topic Outline


1. Introduction

   1.1. Site Specific Media Intervention Al Darb al Ahmar
   1.2. Transforming Mirrors
   1.3. Chosen Sight

2. Project Design

   2.1. The Mediated Rorschach Test
   2.2. Flash Action Script 3 based Augmented Reality
   2.3. Work-Plan and Equipments List

3. Prototype and Project Analysis

   3.1. Prototype
        3.1.1. Analysis
        3.1.2. Results
   3.2. Final Project
        3.2.1. Analysis
        3.2.2. Results
   3.3. Comparison and Contrast

4. Conclusion

Documentary Outline

1. Introduction

   1.1. Site Specific Media Intervention
   1.2. Al Darb al Ahmar
        1.2.1. Interview
        1.2.2. Chosen Sight

2. Context Overiew

   2.1. Mediated Reality
        2.1.1. Interview
        2.1.2. Quick Shots
   2.2. Psychology
        2.2.1. Interview
        2.2.2. Quick Shots

3. Project Proposal

   3.1. Prototype
        3.1.1. Analysis and Interview
   3.2. Sight Progress
        3.2.1. Quick Shots
   3.3. Final Project
        3.3.1. Analysis and Interview

4. Conclusion

[Estimated Time of Documentary: 22:45 minutes]


Site Specific Media Intervention - The Rorschach Intervention of Mediated Reality Pre-Master Research Paper