GroupMembers: Perihane Ahmed , Omar Gaafar , Doaa Alaa El-Din Yousef , Sherif Bishara

  1. Conception
  2. Realization
  3. Observation
  4. Evaluation


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of the process of thinking and of emotional responsiveness. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, or disorganized speech and thinking.

Our concept was mainly aiming on creating an interaction between a doctor and a patient that is analyzed mentally via skype. This facilitates interaction wherever the patient is situated in the world. . The aim of this experiment was to allow patients to self-express themselves freely no matter how far the distance. The online doctor was later able to make a full analysis on the patient's case. The idea was to create a spontaneous script observing the patientís reactions, tone of voice and body language according to the questions asked by the doctor. In terms of programming, the visuals depended on the patientís mood that was reflected on the screen. The screen turns red and starts shaking according to the conversation and tone of voice. This also allowed the doctor to have a clearer view of the patientís mood and behaviours. Our use of several cameras was to show different views of the patient. We used 2 cameras that we changed on the spot while having the performance. One was stable getting a medium long shot of the patient, and another one is moving to close up on critical facial expressions and hand motion. Technology today has a big impact in our society, it facilitates communication between people all around the world, it has become a source of communication and self-expression. Therefore, creating an online analysis program can help patients to talk to unknown doctors, who they on the other hand have a coded number of patients to analyze. Theses analysis will then be sent to the hospitals to help heal the patients knowing eveery patient's case accordingly.


The Performance

For the patient's picture, the video is manipulated with Max MSP. A patch is transferring the loud voice to a red tone and shaking screen to express anger.

For the Doctor's picture, another Max MSP patch is masking the view surrounding the doctors, and making only the faces appear with coded appearance. This graphical representation aims to show that as much information the patient gets out of himself, the picture gets clearer by adjusting in the Max Patch


After interacting with the doctors, we have observed that communication between the patient and the doctors was extremely weak, moreover the quality of picture reception through internet wasnít clear enough. The patient was very disturbed by many things causes. First of all not knowing whom he was speaking to made him furious and strangled. The patientís physical reaction showed how uncomfortable he was, like his hand movement, and his body language as well. The patient felt that he was being made fun of and laughed upon. In a nutshell, observing this session made us realize that the most important element in communication was missing, therefore certain elements need to be done to improve the quality of the session and make it a success. The communication needs to be much more enhanced for the sake of the patientís comfort.


After we worked on this project we realized many things that can improve the treatment process. First of all, eye contact between the patient and the doctor is an essential thing because it is an important information in body language it makes the patient very comfortable and at ease while talking, therefore seeing the doctor can have a very strong impact on the patient. Moreover, mentioning the patients name and not just a number will make him have a connection with the doctor thus he will express himself and get all of his emotions out. In addition, the patient had control over his session, meaning; that he didnít feel controlled at any point of it, he could get up whenever he want. We have realized that such an operation could be done in actual life, but with further adjustments. There shall be a previous session only for introduction of the patient to the doctors to make him feel more hospitalized.