Bachelor Thesis Spring 2011

Aisha Ghaly

ID: 13-6356
eMail: aisha.khalil@guc.edu.eg

First Supervisor: Julien Schmid
Second Supervisor: Suzy Joseph

Thesis Title: Mass Media Impact on People’s Perceptions and attitudes.

Abstract: What I’m targeting in my bachelor thesis is how the media and social networks affect our society as a whole or rather focus on the illiterate, in specific. What I’m aiming to raise awareness of is how the media can manipulate the emotions and thoughts of its audience. For example, this was exaggerated during the revolution where people would watch a patriotic clip and feel that they are with the revolution then watch destruction and feel the opposite. This can be accomplished by the means of an awareness campaign.

Key words: Media effect-Manipulation-No censorship-Filtering- Points of views “perspectives”- Influence- Politics- Message “medium”- Opinions