Lecturer | Andreas Marterer
Instructor | Mohamed Borhan
Teaching Assistant | Noura Kamal
Teaching Assistant | Amira Elbadry

Groups 1 & 3 | Groups 2 & 4


Group 1 Tutorial: Sunday 4th & 5th Slots. (Mohamed & Norhan)

Group 2 Tutorial: Thursday 2nd & 3rd Slots. (Andreas & Norhan)

Group 3 Tutorial: Tuesday 4th & 5th Slots. (Mohamed & Amira)

Group 4 Tutorial: Wednesday 3rd & 4th Slots. (Andreas & Norhan)

Course Contents

The `Principles of Animation` in theory and practice. Introduction to important stages in the evolution of animation. Analysis of various animation styles and techniques. Animation practice. Animation exercises.

Course Goals

Theoretical knowledge to the historical development of animation. Base knowledge to various animation techniques. Capability of analyzing animation styles. Understanding of workflows and common methods of animation. Experience in the practical processes of animation.

Final Project Topic

"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late." quoted by William Shakespeare

Create an amazing short animation of 60 – 120 seconds. Develop a surprising idea inspired by Shakespeare’s quote. You are free to choose your own animation technique. You may work individually or in a team with a maximum (!!) of two.

Keep in mind: Quality before quantity! Only use your originally created visual materials, no found footage or similar. There should be no voices or any speech, the scene must explain itself. Music (as far as not licensed or CC licensed) is allowed. Sound effects are a must.

Animation must be made 1080p (or 720p) with 24 FPS. Files must be available in Quicktime ProRes422 but be delivered in Quicktime H.264, labeled StudentName_ID_Group_Title

Grade Evaluation

1) The course grade depends on three smaller assignments – the topics will be announced in course

2) Midterm Pitch presentation – You need to “sell” your idea, present it in the best way possible. You have time to show your animatic and four minutes of Keynote/PDF presentation, make it awesome and everyone curious for the final result.

3) Final project