Video/ Animation techniques | Course MD 504

Lecturer | Sebastian Kraft
Teaching Assistant | Hend Esmat

Course Contents:

The `Principles of Animation` in theory and practice. Introduction to important stages in the history of animation. Analysis of various animation styles and techniques. Animation practice. Creativity Exercises: `The Mindshaker`. Animation exercises in group-work projects.

Content Overview:

Historical developments in the field of animation The twelve basic principles of animation Introduction to cell animation. Stop motion animation (Clay, Wire, etc.). Animation via rotoscoping. Digital solutions.

Course Goals:

Theoretical knowlegde to the historical development of animation. Base knowlegde to various animation techniques. Capability of analyzing animation styles. Understanding of workflows and common methods of animation. Experience in the practical processes of animation.

Course Grading:

The course grade depends on:

  • Character Analysis and Presentation 25%
  • Assignments (homework- and classroom-) 25%
  • Final project: 50% (includes project development Presentation)



Animation: Principles, History, Techniques.

Support Documents:

Character Analysis - Elmer Fudd: Attach:Analysis_Character_ElmerFudd.pdf

Group 1: Sunday 4+5 Slot - D2-105

Group 2: Thursday 2+3 Slot - D2-105

Class Schedule:

1 20.+25.09.2014 Introduction, Course Goals Equipment: clay, camera+tripod
2 28.+02.10.2014 Movie-Analysis, "Principles of Animation", Character-Hand-out Introduction to clayanimation,
3 5.+9.10.2014 Movie-Analysis, "Principles of Animation" Practical Claymation
4 12.+16.10.2014 Movie-Analysis, "Principles of Animation"
5 19.+23.10.2014 Acting Exercises // AE: Function Curve Editor Bouncing Ball: Cell Animation: 40-80 images // Finish digital AE bouncing ball example Install AE-Plugin DUIK
6 26.+30.10.2014 No Teaching due to midterm schedule ---- ----
7 2.+6.11.2014 Preparation Character Analysis AE: Character Rigging FK and IK solutions finish presentation of your character analysis. Build your own Character-figure and character rig (due on the 23.+27.11.2014)
8 9.+13.11.2014 Presentation: Character Analysis ---- Prepare a project presentations + Rotoscope a walkcycle
9 16.+20.11.2014 Rotoscoping in AE (Roto + Brush) and Photoshop 3-5 sec Rotoscoping Assignment. Final Project pre-production Presentation: Final Story + Storyboard + Animatics.
10 23.+27.11.2014 "Mid-term" - presentations: "Concept development for the final movie" AE Quick Tutorials: Stroke Effect and Puppet Tool
11 30.11+4.12.2014 Final Project Consultation Uploading Assignments on Google Drive - 04/12/2014
12 7.+11.12.2014 Final Project Consultation
13 18.12.2014 Final Movie Presentations - both groups

Extended Deadline for the final project: 04/01/2015. No consultations after the 18.12.2014