Course MD504

Video Camera/Animation Techniques

Dr. Manal Hasan, Christian Fischer| Winter 2009/10

"In a film, ideas must come over immediately to the audience."
from the book Timing for Animation

Timing for animation - A classic of animation education since it first published in 1981. This book will be the theoretical backbone of this course.

We will concentrate on the timing for animated movies along with introductions into stop motion animation, Flash as a tool for animation, the timing in sound design for animation and special camera techniques.


Day Lecture Practical Work Infos
Oct 05 Introduction about Timing The camera I - Basics
Oct 12 Expressing the action - Cause and Effect The camera II - Advanced 1 2 3 4
Oct 19 Timing slow & fast actions - Using holds The camera III - Stop Motion Assignment: Create a decent gif animation with at least three frames
Oct 26 Anticipation, follow through and overlapping action Examples - Look and feel
Nov 02 Timing to suggest weight & force, repeat action Audio I - Sound design Assignment: Create a simple soundscape using Soundtrack Pro.
Nov 09 Revision Week
Nov 16 Timing cycles: effects: explosions Audio II - Music
Nov 23 Timing animals movement: horses Audio Editing I - Software Assignment: Take 30 seconds of film/ad/animation and produce a new sound design
Nov 30 Eid El Adha Holiday
Dec 07 Tips and Tricks + finalizing the work by adding sound Audio Editing II - Doing it right
Dec 14 Tips and Tricks + supervising Audio Editing III - Supervision

Here you can find all necessary information concerning the FINAL ASSIGNMENT (related only to the practical part of this course).