Thesis Colloquium Media

C. Fischer, H. Bornkamm, M. Kallenberger, J. Schmid | Spring 2012

Course Outline

In the BA Project students will have to give evidence of their ability of reflecting and designing a complex assignment in the field of media design. They will get trained to monitor international design tendencies, and will learn as well how to make correlations between these tendencies and their own designs. The students will get insight into relevant literature, and will apply these theoretical knowledge to their practical work.

As the thesis is regarded as a "research through design"-process the development and the outcome of the work has to be documented and discussed on this wiki.

NEWS: DEADLINE application: 23. Feb. 2012! Hand in of the signed (by both supervisors!!) abstract/research proposal at the coordinators office.

The students need to find two supervisors for their BA Thesis. One is the main supervisor. That needs to be a lecturer or instructor from the students majors. The second supervisor is technical supervisor with only limited supervision time that can be choosen from all staff.


Thesis application at the Academic Coordinator:
Print-out of the paper you got per mail, propose your topic and get it signed by 1st and 2nd supervisor
23. Feb. 2012
Start 23. Feb. 2012
Duration: 12 weeks
First Thesis Coloquium for Media 27. Feb. 2012 - 8.30h - MD Room
Thesis delivery at the Library: 17. May. 2012
Thesis defenses/presentations: (incl. external supervisors) 27. May - 02. Jun. 2012

Tips and Hints

  • make yourself a timetable with slots for everyday. Fill in what to do an when. Work according to this schedule.
  • in case you depend on other people (e.g. doing interviews or filming with a crew) mind that things can go wrong (e.g. people might quit). Plan your schedule accordingly.
  • always have a fallback solution.


Here you will find a PDF with infos on the structure of a thesis.

Here you will find infos about the grading. The theoretical and the practical grade will be discussed by the 1st and 2nd supervisor, only. The presentation will be discussed by 1st, 2nd and the external supervisor after the presentation.

Here you will find infos about the BA regulations.

Here you will find the sheet to print out and sign it. It must be handed in with the thesis.

Here you will find infos about the deadlines.

Here the link to the GUC research journal.

Online Ressources

Springerlink | Scirus | IEEE | ACM et al.