Thesis Colloquium Media

Prof. Fetzner | Winter 2009/10

Monday, 10am in C3-309

Course Outline

In the BA Project students will have to give evidence of their ability of reflecting and designing a complex assignment in the field of media design. They will get trained to monitor international design tendencies, and will learn as well how to make correlations between these tendencies and their own designs. The students will get insight into relevant literature, and will apply these theoretical knowledge to their practical work. The result of this project is considered the whole process of media design.

Thesis candidates:

Delivery topic/title thesis 05.11.2009
Start 08.11.2009
Duration 12 weeks
Hand over Conception 06.12.2009
Application for Extension 03.01.2010
Public Presentation 14.01.2010
Expiration 31.01.2010
Expiration with Extension 28.02.2010


  • Caleb Kelly, Cracked Media, MIT Press 2009
  • Mark Hanson, New philosophy for New Media, 2009
  • W.J. Mitchell, Critical Terms for Media Studies, Chicago University Press, 2010