GUC, Faculty of Applied Arts, MD

Syllabus Course MD 502 Digital editing

Winter 2011/12


This is an advanced level course. Media Design “Moving Images MD301” (lecture and practical) and “MD project/CMD MD401” are required prerequisites for attending this course.

Course Description:

This course offers Media design students to improve their conceptual and practical skills in digital editing using Final Cut Pro.


By the end of the course students will be able to:

• Analyze different cinematic techniques such as mise-en-scène, composition, framing, camera positions and movements, editing, lighting, sound, and colour through screening and researching several films and “genres”.

• Analyse the theoretical framework mandatory for contextualizing Media Design projects.

• Acquiring new practical and technical methods in editing.

• Develop presentation skills.

Instruction formats:

The class will be conducted as follows:

• In-class tutorials with several editing assignments throughout the semester covering some of the many possibilities Final Cut Pro offers.

• In-class group task including oral presentations.

• Screenings of films, subject specific and relevant to general cinematographic/media culture.


Attendance/Class work 20%

Midterm assignment(s) 40%

Final Assignment 40%

Course Materials/Films:

Will be published on the Media Design Wiki Website:

Course Outline:

Is published on the Media Design Wiki Website:


For the student to complete this course successfully, he/she is required to attend all classes, read, screen required material, and submit all assignments in their due times. Attendance means being on time and present throughout the entire class. Attendance will be recorded at the end of each class. It is understood that absence does occur for justifiable reasons. However absent students are solely responsible for making up for the missed material presented in class, assignments, and any announcements. For university policies concerning attendance and student responsibility, Students are advised to refer to the university catalog.

Statement on Academic Integrity:

Kindly be aware that: "the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the presentation of them as ones' own original work”* is a serious academic offense termed Plagiarism. The University community does not accept academic dishonesty.

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