Script, Story & Storyboard | Course MD 503

Lecturer | C. Dootz
Teaching Assistant | Rewan Gamaly

'“Our appetite for story is a reflection of the profound human need to grasp the pattern of living, not merely as an intellectual exercise, but within a very personal, emotional experience.” -Robert McKee, Story

Course Description

Course Overview:

We will introduce the creation of stories and the basic rules of storytelling, script writing and storyboarding.

Course Weights:


        - Assignments Checklist (TBA)

FINAL 50 %

	- Final: Script, Synopsis, Treatment and Logline
		- 1st Draft Final
		- 2nd Draft Final

Groups' Schedule:

Group 1 : THURSDAYS 1st & 2nd Slot
Group 2 : SUNDAYS 1st & 2nd Slot
Group 3 : SUNDAYS 4th & 5th Slot
Group 4 : TUESDAYS 2nd & 3rd



ClICK HERE to download the audio book for "Story" by Robert McKee

Class Schedule

1 SUN 17.09.2017

TUES 19.09.2017

THURS 21.09.2017 (compensated on 14.09.2017)

Introduction: Awareness and Artistic Identity

Introduction Slides

Write down everything in your Diary

CLOSAT elements (average 3 of each)

1. Developing Story Ideas

2. Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow PDF
Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Audio Book

3. In Class Brainstorming:
Group 1
Group 2