Script - Story - Storyboard (4 SWH)

Course MD503 Christian M. Fischer, Hoda Hamouda, Henriette Bornkamm

Group 1 | Sun. 12.30 - 15.45 | Media Studio - C3 101

Group 2 | Wed. 08.30 - 10.00 | Media Studio - C3 101

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know. Capt. Geoffrey T. Spaulding

In the first part of this course we will discuss core elements of storytelling and the techniques of visualization ideas and creative content. We will draw storyboards and write scripts and analyze the results in class. It will introduce the creation of stories and the basic structure
of script and storyboard as means of pre-production of time based media.

Keywords: Script, Story Board, Shots, Visualization

References and Textbooks


Week Content Assignments Infos
25- 28 Sept Introduction - Semester overview - Grading - Course Weight Prepare a storyboard with at least 12 prictures. Topic: Loop! The first picture should be the same as the last. Have it with you as a PDF next week. storyboard templates
2- 5 Oct Discussion of the assignments - About Camera Positions Assignment on Camera positions Camera Positions Presentation
9-12 Oct Small Workshop on Script/Dialogue - About Camera Motion Assignment on Camera Motion

Have it with you printed & as one PDF

Camera Motion Presentation
16- 19 Oct Pitch, Synopsis & Treatment - About Camera Motion Assignment on Short Stories Assignment on Hollywood Continuity CANCELLED A-Story Presentation B-Hollywood Continuity Presentation
23- 26 Oct Introduction in Genres/ Genre Conventions Assignment on the Final +Genres Have it with you printed & as one PDF Presentation about Genre Conventions
30 Oct- 2 Nov Three Act Story, Typical Shorts' Structure & Award Winning Shorts.

Group 1 class's re-compensation is on Sunday 1st Slot.

Assignment Readings+ the final

Short Stories by Mark Twain Short Stories by Agathe Christie Short Stories by John Robinson

50 Best Short Stories list

About 3 Act-Story & Typical Shorts' Stories
20- 23 Nov The Psychology of the Characters. Assigments' description

Asg1: Psychology of Character Asg2: Wrong side of the bed .mov

A.Presentation Psychology of Characters

B.Psychology of Characters Guide

27- 30 Nov Activity Week Work in Progress on your Story & Storyboard
4- 7 Dec How to write scenes Write a screenplay of your story (max. 3 people in one group) and draw the storyboard of the same story (everybody one separate storyboard) until December 10th Group 1, until December 13th Group 2


A. Writing Scenes Presentation B. Screenplay Example C. Subtext Example C. Storyboard Form
11-14 Dec PRE-FINAL PRESENTATION Group 1| Presenting your Pre-Final Story and Storyboard. Hand in the hard-copies of the Pre-Final Story + Storyboard

(send the soft copy on December 10th Group 1, December 13th Group 2)

18-21 Dec How to be funny, even if you are not? PRE-FINAL PRESENTATION Group 2| Presenting your Pre-Final Screenplay and Storyboard. Bring two hardcopies of Screenplay and Storyboard Presentation on Comedy Writing
4-5 Jan FINAL PRESENTATION 1st-3rd slot Hand in soft-copies of the Final Screenplay + Storyboard + a Photocopy of 3 Class Notes until January 3rd 10 pm group 1/ Jan 4th group 2

GROUP MEETINGS (OBLIGATORY) for the work in progress of the FINAL SCRIPT+ STORYBOARD on Tuesday 27th at the 2nd + 3rd + 4th Slot. Please reserve your 15 minutes.

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hoda — 28 December 2011, 04:19


Previewing the Final Work in Progress
Bring your storyboard + script PRINTED


1:10 Roba
1:30 Nour
1:50 BREAK
2:00 Nadine
2:15 Nermin
2:30 Ali Heraiz
3:00 Raghda

Final Presentation Guidelines PDF

GROUP I on 4th January

8:30 Ali Heraize+ Mohamed Adel Aboelwafa / 8:45 Ehab Elmohandes+ Kareem Mousa /9:00 Karim youssef+ Belal Rabah+ Mina Gab Allah /9:15 Mia Elmahdy+ Miral Elfaramawy /9:30 Alshiemaa Rafik / 9:45 Amina +May /10:30 Ghalia Amr+Zeinab Elbadrawi /10:45 Hana Madih+Sara Sarhan /11:00 Nada Harfoush /Rana Elgohary /11:15 Loai Nabil /11:30 Mohamed Attia /11:45 BREAK /12:30 Reem Atef /Yasmina Reda /12:45 Seifallah Shindy /1:00 Sarah Fouda /1:15 Seif El Din Khaled/ 1:30 END of the semester

GROUP II on 5th January

8:30 Merna Ali+Mina Nader/8:45 Mariam El Mokadem/ 9:00 Nour Youssef /9:15 Donia Refaat+ Yomna Farid /9:30 Asmaa Seleem+Noha Alaa +Raghda Helal/9:45 BREAK/ 10:30 Hend Esmat+Lamiaa Diab /10:45 Abla Mohamed/11:00 Yara Magdy+Nada Gamal /11:15 Roba Medhat /11:30 Nissmah Roshdy /11:45 BREAK/ 12:30 Nermin Abd El Hameed/ 12:45 Sandra Michel/ 1:00 Amira El Badry/ 1:15 Forat Emad /1:30 Nadine Hafez /1:45 END of the semester

Course weights: Final 50 %, Assignments 50 % (incl. Participation 5 %, Notes 5 %)