Course MD 503 Winter 2010/11

Script, Story, Storyboard

Sebastian Kraft

How to kill the beast - Strategies to clever story development

Group 01: Sunday, 4:00 p.m. in MacLab C2-209
First appointment: September 26, 2010

Group 02: Sunday, 2:15 p.m. in MacLab C2-209
First appointment: September 26, 2010

Course Outline
The course introduces to strategies for the development of movies. Character and story-development and dramaturgical approaches will be examined. The possibilities of storyboard creation will reviewed. The classes will be accompanied by sections of movie analysis.

Course Outcome
Students will understand the essentials of movie development and be capable of designing convincing and thrilling stories. Students will feel confident with use and importance of storyboards.


Date Lecture Description Assignments
Week 01 Introduction: From "The Incident" to "The Story"
Week 02 Essentials story elements
Week 03 From Aristoteles to Hollywoods Happy End: Historical and modern Genres
Week 04 Finding and Defining Stories: Examining Story-types
Week 05 Writing the Story: Expose, Treatment, Script
Week 06 Designing the Story: Character development and the importance of Back-stories
Week 07 Tension Strategies: Suspense and Surprise; Special Short-film dramaturgy
Week 08 Under the hood: Subtext
Week 09 From Script to the Visual: Importance and value of Storyboards
Week 10 Practical Approaches: Fast scribbles vs. detailed storyboards
Week 11 Opening the doors to Hollywood: Unique selling points
Week 12 Creative strategies
Week 13 Style Development