Course MD503

Script, Story, Storyboard

T. Kess Winter 2009/10

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"
Apocalypse Now

This course will introduce the creation of stories and the basic structure
of script and storyboard as means of pre-production of time based media.

Week Lecture Practical Work
1 Introduction Story and Script Memento Script and Movie
2 Introduction Storyboard History, Development, Usage
3 Plot vs. Story Structure and Elements
4 Storyboard Techniques Practical approaches
5 Formats for scripts Introducing Celtx
6 Storyboard Techniques II Introducing Celtx
7 Creative Writing Exercises and Trouble Shooting
8 Storyboard Techniques III Visual thinking - seeing is believing
9 Creative Writing II Exercises and Trouble Shooting