Course MD901 Summer 2010 and MD1001 Winter 2010/11

Site Specific Media Interventions

Prof. Fetzner, C. Fischer , B.Dudzik , J.Schmid

"Perception is action"
Heinz von Foerster

Explorative Media Exploration in Al Darb al-Ahmar

Wednesday, 08:30 in C3-120
First appointment: September 22, 2010

In the one year course we are designing and examining the impact of site specific media interventions in the Al Darb al-Ahmar area in cooperation with the Aga Khan Development Network. The accompanying focus in the seminar will be on the topic "Body memory" as a preparation for he planned symposium CairoTraces in June 2011. We will reflect our activities in the context of artistic research.


In a first step groups out of two people will choose a tangible situation which will be analysed with different media like texts, interviews, drawings, photographs as well as sound and video recordings. On the base of this analysis a first prototype for a media intervention will be designed and tested. In the second semester this media installation will be implemented in the chosen chosen urban, social and cultural space.

Finally the impact and usage of this technological interposition will be documented and interpreted with the tool of multiperspective recordings. The main question will be how people act, react and interact with/on the intervention and how it affects their "perception in action" (P. Dourish).


  1. soundscape | Nawarra Hany Mehrem & Nourhan El Banna
  2. vertical garbage | Salma Mashhour & Nada Kabil
  3. human antenna | Ayah Moustafa
  4. mediated reality | Mohamed Borhan
  5. mashrabya | Hadeel El Raie & Aicha Mansour
  6. wedding vj | Yara Soliman & SalmaShamal


1 8.30 - 9.00 H Mohamed Borhan
2 9.30 - 10.00 H Ayah Moustafa
3 10.30 - 11.00 H Nawarra & Nourhan
4 11.00 - 11.30 H Aicha & Hadeel
5 11.30 - 12.00 H Yara & Salma Shamel
6 12.00 - 12.30 H Nada & Salma Mashhour

1 March 25 Course goals & topics What is a Site?
  • Finding a Site on campus
  • Read the text Non-Places by Marc Augé
  • Read the text Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander
  • Choose a site in Cairo and document it via text and drawings
2 April 15 Sites and Non-Sites Local - Global - Translocal
3 April 22 Telepresence
  • Max 5
  • Cairo Calaidoscope by Christian Fischer
  • Report about a site specific art project
4 April 29 Mobile Spaces
  • Conceptual sketch of a Site Pecific Concept App for Darb Al Ahmar
6 May 06 Field Trip - MEETING: 15pm - AT THE AL AZHAR PARK - MAIN ENTRANCE Darb Al Ahmar - Site analysis -
7 May 13 Conceptual Work I
  • Form 5 groups (2 students per group)
  • Develop your group concept
  • Develop your group presentation
  • The students without a text presentation yet, please sign in for one of the texts on the left.
8 May 20

Talk about lüderitzcargo

Conceptual presentations of the 5 group works

(45min each group)

9 May 27 Conceptual Work III - -
10 June 03 Conceptual Work IV - -
11 June 10 Conceptual Work V - -
12 June 17 Final Presentation Prototype -

13 Sept 22 - Presentation of
the current state
1.Read and discuss online Through Design and Transdisciplinarity
14 Sept 29 Design & Research Discussion and appliance of the text/project (Re)define the research question
16 Oct 13 Research & Hypothesis
18 Oct 27 Milestones, Time planner. Equipment list (bulbs, cables etc.) Top view of the intervention with a technical set up
xx Jan 19 Delivery of the final paper
xx Jan 26 Final presentation


Course Outline

Through the massive dissemination of location based media systems during the last decade site specific adaptions are gaining a growing importance. The course "Site specific media interventions" is dealing with the permeation of interactive media technologies and real environments in cultural and commercial contexts.

Course Outcome

Students will develop the ability to develop appropriate media solutions for urban, social and corporate contexts. They will aquire technical skills as well as a conceptional competence to deal with complex medial interventions from art shows to trade shows.

The learning objectives are divided into 7 fields:

  • Site Analysis and Genius Loci
  • The Public and the Private Spheres
  • Body and Media
  • Spatial Design
  • Situation Based Interfaces
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability

References and Textbooks

  • Lucy Bullivant: Responsive Environments, V/A Publications, 2006
  • Claire Doherty: Situation, MIT Press 2009
  • Erin Manning: Relationscapes, MIT Press 2009
  • Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, MIT 2006