Pre Master Project: Formula Mundi Filmfest 2012

Course MD901 Christian M. Fischer

Group Meetings: Sun 10.30h C3-124

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. Dorothy Gale in "The Wizard Of Oz"

This project deals with the organization and screening of the Formula Mundi Filmfest 2012, including a cooperation with partners in Germany. We have to deal with issues concerning CI, PR, viral marketing, mailing lists, webdesign, project management, deadlines, submissions, sponsoring, etc.

Formula Mundi filmfest was founded by Prof. Guido Kuehn in 2001 and is hosted every two years at the Academy of Applied Arts and Sciences in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Due to organizational reasons the festival committee decided not to host the filmfest in 2011. Therefore we are seeking to work on FM 2012 starting now! Where fhe fest will be hosted? What categories will be awarded? Who will be involved? What is the topic? These are only some of the questions that need quick answers...

Keywords: Filmfest, Formula Mundi 2012

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Week Topics To Do Infos
Sep 25 Introduction - Kick off Topic (Buzzword), CI, web page, timeline,...
Oct 2 Time line, Corporate Design, Entry Regulations FIND THE SUBTITLE!, CI, list for sponsors, list of online portals Check out well known German Festival and check out this!!!
Oct 9 Festival Subtitle, (Viral) Marketing, PR, spread the word Press Kit, Staff Management, Webpage Official Opening of Webpage: Nov. 1st
Oct 16 CI - FM Font: Blackout, General Font: Helvetica, BG: black, Graphics: white, Text: Neon Orange PDF with "entrance regulations" Group Foto
Oct 23 CI, Timeline, Post, Admission Prepare Presentation Presentation Oct. 27. | 14.00h - 16.00h | Industrial Park
Oct 30 Report "Arab Shorts", Discussion about Multiplicators (Production houses etc.) Sitemap, Website, Regulations, Submission Corporate Design Manual, Registration on pages like fest 21
Nov 6 El Eid No teaching
Nov 13 Check out Viral Marketing Film Results, ReLaunch Website Official FM12 Trailer, Audio Logo
Nov 20 start PR, Flyers (print)
Nov 27 Activity Week Various Workshops
Dec 4 Joomla! Website - Multilingual Content
Dec 11 Print Print Print
Dec 18 How to Subscribe Video, Trailer Voice over, Banner 4 Web, Plan Sponsors
Jan 8 Final Meeting Planing for SuSe 2012, Submissions Review

Timeline (updated Oct.24.)


Organizing Committees

To try and make this work more efficiently we have 5 Organizing Committees, all jobs get distributed through them. The 13 of us meet once a week but each Committee stays in contact all the time.






Name Committe(s)
Aisha Ghaly Sales / Logistics
Cherie Diaa Media
Christine Ramez Sales / PR / Managers
Engy Magdy Allam Media / Managers
Ghufran Katatny Media
Ghada Fikri Managers / Media
Mohamed Magdy Media / Managers
Menna Mostafa PR / Sales / Logistics
Monica Erian Media
Nardine Shenouda Media
Nora Kahil Logistics / PR
Rana Mansour PR / Media
Sherif Bishara Media


Christian Fischer
Christine Ramez
Engy Magdy Allam
Ghada Fikri
Menna Mostafa
Mohamed Magdy
Monica Erian
Nora Kahil