Sound (4 blocks)

Course MD613 Christian M. Fischer

Group 1 - Sunday 12.00 - MacLab C2-209

Group 2 - Monday 12.00 - MacLab C2-209

I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the use of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard. Photoelectric, film and mechanical mediums for the synthetic production of music will be explored. John Cage in 1937

This course will give an introductional overview on state of the art tools for sound design. A lecture gives an overview on basic acoutics, recording, sound sythesis and its purposes and use in modern media and art.

The practical part will focus on different softwares used for sound synthesis, mixing, editing and mastering. There will be assignments thoughout the semester to apply theoretical approaches.

As an outcome, students will be able to work with sounds and samples in the digital domain.

Keywords: Sound Design, Sound Synthesis, Sound Editing, Mixing

References and Textbooks


Day Lecture Presentation Assignments Infos
6/7 March Introduction - Sound Listening Comprehension Listening Comprehension Assignment Info!
13/14 March Basics of Sound Signals Audacity
20/21 March Digital Representations of Sound & Sound Synthesis Soundtrack Pro 1) Sounddesign: Create a new sounddesign for a given movie sequence
27/28 March Sound Recording Ardour
3/4 April Musicvideo Garageband 2) Sounddesign II: Create a rhythm using exclusively recorded sounds of humans Garageband Info
10/11 April Sound & Music FScape Watch this and that This class will take place despite Midterms!
18 April Loudspeakers & Spatialization Pure Data 3) Programing: Built a small interactive sound device Both groups meet on Monday!
02 May Experiment I & Guest lecture Students will take part in an acoustic HCI experiment Both groups meet on Monday!
15/16 May Sound & Hardware - Experiment II iXi 4) Kick off - Final Assignment Deadline of assignments 1 - 3!
22/23 May Acoustic Communication & Soundscape Spear
29/30 May Sound & Art Max/MSP Check this out! Presentation and analysis of 3 selected audio art works
5 June Questions & Answers Csound/Cecilia and SuperCollider Prepare final presentation Both groups meet on Sunday!
13 June Deadline and Final Presentation! 12.00 - 13.30h - Maclab Both groups meet on Monday!


Day Sunday Meeting Monday Meeting Topic
13/14 March Amira Khaled, Mariam El Tonsy Doha Salah, Maidaa Ismail Audacity
20/21 March Ranin Ahmed, Reem Sami Hend Bahey, Dina Kamal Soundtrack Pro
27/28 March Mahitab Ayoub Ardour
3/4 April Mohamed Aggag, Hesham Ashour Nadia Wernli, Heba Mohsen Garageband
10/11 April Mennat-Allah Kheireldin, Esmeralda Mahmoud FScape
18 April Shahd Galal, Salma Elmahdy Lana Mohamd Ali, Mennah El-Atroush Pure Data
15/16 May Hazem Mahmoud, Yacoub Yassin iXi
22/23 May Frederic Fendrich Spear
29/30 May Christopher Mankarious, Mohamed El Kholy Nadine Amr, Mariam Tarek Samir Max/MSP
5 June Farida Hassan Bassioini, Farah Ahmed Fayez Noha Ayoub, Sara Sallam Csound/Cecilia and SuperCollider