Course MD603

Sound (4 SWS)

Christian M. Fischer

"If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience."
John Cage

DEADLINE: May 26th Final Presentation with German students

Learning Outcome, Competences

This course focuses on sound design. A lecture gives an overview on basic acoutics, synthetic sound and its purposes and use in modern media and art.

The practical part will give a brief introduction into editing methods and in software tools. The main focus, however is software for computer based realtime sound synthesis and interactive sound manipulation like MAX/MSP and sound processing and rendering with the freeware Csound/Cecilia, FScape and SPEAR. Students will learn develop artistic sound concepts and to synthesize and process sound for interactive installation purposes.

This course is connected to this semesters courses Interaction Design and Media Installation.

References and Textbooks

List for group meetings in May

Time Group
12.30h Presentations in C3-122
13.00h Rana, Aisha, Nahla
13.20h Mahmoud, Ghada, Yasmin
13.40h Engy, Yasmin, Salma
14.00h Sherif, Ehab
14.20h Omar, Perihane
14.40h Menna, Christine, Nora
15.00h Mostafa, Salma


Day Lecture Presentation Infos
07 Feb Introduction - Sound Synthesis Listening Comprehension
14 Feb Digital Audio Concepts - Basic of Sound Signals Introduction into MAX/MSP 13-2654 & 13-5330
21 Feb Digital Audio Concepts - Digital Representations of Sound MAX/MSP - Audio Signals 13-2623 & 13-2400
28 Feb Sound Synthesis 1 - Introduction Max/MSP - Sound Synthesis 13-3298
07 Mar Sound Synthesis 2 - Additive & Subtractive Synthesis Introduction to Csound 13-5070 & 13-1042
14 Mar Sound Synthesis 3 - Granular Synthesis Introduction to Cecilia 13-5957 & 10-1351
21 Mar Exhamination Week
28 Mar Palm Sunday
04 Apr Easter
11 Apr Kick off - Final First draft and Brainstorming
18 Apr Signal Processing Introduction to SPEAR, Introduction to Fscape, Various Filtering FX 13-5056 & 13-4682, 13-1567, 13-3766 & 13-2878
25 Apr Sinai Liberation Day
02 May Audio & Acoustics 1 Recording 13-1487
09 May Audio & Acoustics 2 Spatalization 13-3028
16 May Mixing / Mastering Editing Audio 13-0633 & 13-6356

Here you can find all necessary information concerning the presentation.