Still Image | Course MD 101

Lecturer | Y. Alwan
Instructors | D. Mauri, B. Dunne
Teaching Assistant | Y.Kandil, Nawarra Mehrem

"A Knowledge of photography is just as important as that of the alphabet." - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1932

Grading Evaluation

The assessment criteria for this course will divided into three parts:

1. Course Assignments (40%) will be based on:

  • Completion of assignments on the due date and time
  • Evidence of both your understanding of the concepts discussed in class and the practical application of said concepts
  • Demonstrating conceptual and aesthetic development.

All assignments are due at the beginning of your tutorial class. They are to be turned in to the TA responsible for your class either Nawarra Mehrem or Y. Kandil, or junior TAs Donia Sallam, Ramy Radwan, Nadia Gawdat, Mostafa Khalil. Each and every image you turn in must be labeled with your ID, name and assignment number. Improperly labeled images will not be graded. Late assignments will be accepted no later than one week from the due date. All late assignments will be reduced by 20%. No assignments will be accepted after one week from the original due date. NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Final Project (40%) – Details to be announced later

3. Mid-Term Exam (20%)

Lectures' schedule

1 OCT 8 Introduction, What's a Photography?
2 OCT 15 NO LECTURE - National Holiday
3 OCT 22 Mirrors or Windows?
4 OCT 29 The Object in Photography
5 NOV 5 Photography and Landscape
6 NOV 12 ThePortrait
7 NOV 19 The Portrait Revisited
8 NOV 26 Mid-Term Exam
9 DEC 3 Science and Photography
10 DEC 10 Social Documentary
11 DEC 17 New Documentary
13 DEC 31 Culture & Barbarism


We will go on a trip to the Agriculture Museum. The groups will be divided on two dates: 28th of November and 5th of December 2015. Attendance for each student is mandatory (on the date assigned to you group). On the trip, you will be asked to do the following :

Assignment number 3
Agricultural Museum, Dokki, Cairo
You are working as a freelance photographer and have been commissioned to photograph the agricultural museum for the purpose of a new website.

The director of the museum requires:

  • 4 x images that show the impressive architectural features of the museums interior and exterior.
  • 4 x images that show the diversity of its collections – for example birds, insects, animals, models, displays etc.
  • 2 x images the context of where the museum is located – garden.

Submit 10 images, save in folder with name and ID - make sure to resize image (10x15(long side) cm, resolution 240)
All photos must be taken while on excursion and handed in on the following dates:

  • Groups that have their excursion on Saturday 28th of November will hand in during their tutorial the week of the 29th of December.
  • Groups that have their excursion on Saturday 5th of December will hand in on Tuesday 8th of December in ROOM 206 - PLEASE SUBMIT BETWEEN 12 - 2pm to Nawarra.

Please make use of your understanding of your camera settings - use of wide/shallow depth of field, shutter speed, focal length and make sure all images are correctly exposed, remember to shoot in RAW format - edit in camera raw after and save as a TIFF file.

Good Luck!

Tips for buying a camera

1. Set your budget.

2. Read reviews about the cameras.

3. Decide the brand in which you are most comfortable with. (Ps. The difference between Nikon and canon is the difference between nike and adidas!)

4. Put the movie specs of the camera into consideration if you’re thinking of majoring media; you’ll need it. Most important is that you need: a camera with a changeable lens, with Full HD 1080/60p video recording, and also that has the option of shooting raw pictures

5. It really all comes down to your budget.

6. If you’re buying a used camera ask the seller about the shutter count (it’s the number of shots that camera took. The fewer the better).

7. You'll find plenty of facebook pages where you can buy new and used cameras.

Places to look for:

  • El - King: 15 Borg Salma Roushdy St., Abdeen, Cairo, Tel: 23925140
  • El - Hofy: 15 Borg Salma Roushdy St., Abdeen, Cairo, Tel: 23955245
  • Shams: 5 El Batal Ahmed Abdelaziz from Sabry AboU Alam St. Bab El Louk

Tel: 23929204

  • Lucky Stores: 11 Sherif St., Downtown, Tel: 23929136/ 23923697'''
  • El-Khaled (Ali Khaled): 19B Adly St., second floor, apartment number 58,

Tel: 23927507

  • Nikon Official Dealer (Fuji film): El Haram St., Tel: 35842378
  • El-Akhdar: Tel: 23927852
  • Kareem Stores
  • Procam
  • camertak.com

Also for lighting equipment you could find them at:

  • El Basha for lighting equipment: 26 Yolyo St., Tel: 25918535

Camera models:

Nikon Canon
D5500 750D
D3100 1100D
D3300 1200D
D3200 550D
D5100 600D
D5200 650D
D5300 500D
D90 60D
D7000 70D