Still Image | Course MD 101

Lecturer | Y. Alwan
Instructors | D. Mauri, B. Dunne
Teaching Assistant | Remone Wahib, Y. Kandil
Junior Teaching Assistants | NN

"A Knowledge of photography is just as important as that of the alphabet." - Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1932

Grading Evaluation

The assessment criteria for this course will divided into three parts:

1. Course Assignments (40%) will be based on:

  • Completion of assignments on the due date and time
  • Evidence of both your understanding of the concepts discussed in class and the practical application of said concepts
  • Demonstrating conceptual and aesthetic development.

All assignments are due at the beginning of your tutorial class. They are to be turned in to the TA Y. Kandil, or junior TAs Nour Emam, Rana Allam, Adham Awad. Each and every image you turn in must be labeled with your ID, name and assignment number. Improperly labeled images will not be graded. Late assignments will be accepted no later than one week from the due date. All late assignments will be reduced by 20%. No assignments will be accepted after one week from the original due date. NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Final Project (40%) Ė Details to be announced later

3. Mid-Term Exam (20%)

Course Outline

Week Lectures - [H17 12.30] Tutorials - [D5.105]
1 Oct.16 Well, what's a photograph? No tutorials
2 Oct.23 Gestalt and visual perception Course requirements and basic camera orientation
3 Oct.30 Mirrors or windows? Gestalt review and Photoshop and camera RAW vs JPG
4 Nov.6 The object in photography The basics:

Understanding exposure and metering

5 Nov.13 Photography and landscape The basics:

Shutter speed, Aperture, Depth of field

6 Nov.20 The portrait The basics:

Lenses and DOF

7 Nov.27 Photography and science In class workshop:

exposure, lenses, and DOF

8 Dec.4 MID-TERM exam No tutorials
9 Dec.11 Social documentary Line, shape, and form
10 Dec.18 New documentary Texture and pattern
11 Dec.25 No lecture - Merry chirstmas Unusual perspective
12 Jan.1 No lecture - Happy new year to all Final projects
13 Jan.8 Montage Final projects
14 Jan.15 Final projects


All Assignments will be handed in to the TA at the beginning of your groupís tutorial the following week.

ASSIGNMENT 1: Send email (due Week 3) and read camera instructions in order to

 familiarize yourself with your camera

ASSIGNMENT 2: Review the Gestalt principles using the websites mentioned

 and do your own research on Gestalt

ASSIGNMENT 3: Shutter Speed due at beginning of next Tutorial (due Week 5)

ASSIGNMENT 4: Depth of Field due at the beginning of next Tutorial (due Week 6)

ASSIGNMENT 5: Lenses and Depth of Field due at the end of todayís Tutorial

ASSIGNMENT 6: TBA after Mid-Term

ASSIGNMENT 7: TBA after Mid-Term

ASSIGNMENT 8: TBA after Mid-Term

Tips of buying a camera:

1. Set your budget.

2. Read reviews about the cameras.

3. Decide the brand in which you are most comfortable with. (Ps. The difference between Nikon and canon is the difference between nike and adidas!)

4. Put the movie specs of the camera into consideration if youíre thinking of majoring media; youíll need it.

5. It really all comes down to your budget.

6. If youíre buying a used camera ask the seller about the shutter count (itís the number of shots that camera took. The fewer the better).

7. You'll find plenty of facebook pages where you can buy new and used cameras.

Places to look for:

  • El - King
  • El - Hofy
  • Kareem Stores
  • Procam
  • Shams
  • camertak.com

Camera models:

Nikon Canon
D3100 1100D
D3200 1200D
D3300 500D
D5000 550D
D5100 600D
D5200 650D
D5300 700D
D90 60D
D7000 70D