Course MD101 Winter 2012/13

Still Image

Sara Kamel, M. Omara
Y. Kandil, Ghada Fikri

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Lecture: Takes place in (Hall) - First Lecture: Wednesday October x, 2012

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All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention. Rudolf Arnheim

Course outline

Course Outline: Image or picture plays an important role in design, Still Image course will survey the image elements and principles of design, focusing on:

  • Image as a way of communication.
  • Visual language and the components of visual thinking.
  • What are the elements and principles of image design?
  • How to use the elements and principles of design to deliver a wide variety of messages.

Practical work

Student will be introduced to basics of photography to help him/her to complete the assignment.

Course outcome

At the end of this course, students should:

  • Have enhanced their ability to think visually, and communicate ideas in visual ways.
  • Understand the basic elements of design and how to use them creatively.
  • Express their own ideas and feelings through visual expression.
  • Communicate conceptual ideas using visual imagery.
  • Develop critical thinking by observing and analyzing different image styles.
  • Be able to discuss, criticize, and evaluate images. (Oral & Written).
  • Enhance, adjust and manipulate digital photographs using Adobe Photoshop.

Course Description:

  • Click here to download a PDF with the course description and important information about the assignments.


  • In each lecture there will be example/s of the required assignment.
  • The exercises are opportunities to demonstrate that you have grasped concepts presented in class by means of lecture and visual examples.
  • Assignments must be submitted on CD, email assignments is not accepted.
  • Assignments grades will be determined based on:
  1. Completion of assignments on the due date and time. Late assignment will affect your grades.
  2. The successes or failures in how will your assignments demonstrate your understanding to the topics discussed in the class.
  3. Conceptual and aesthetic development.

Class Work:

  • Attendance is essential since this course is heavily dependent on visual material.
  • Late attendance will affect your class work grades.

Final Project:

  • For final project description go to page 6 in course description.
  • Late due is not accepted.


No Date Lecture Date Tutorial Assignments
Visual perception - Gestalt
Gr1&2: 13 Oct.

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Exposure 1 : Theory of exposure - ISO
Ass. 1 : Visual Perception - Gestalt
Point, line, shape & form

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Exposure 2: Shutter Speed

Assignment 1 due

Ass. 2 : Point, Line, Shape & Form
Depth, Texture & Pattern

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Exposure 3: DOF

Assignment 2 due

Ass. 3 : Depth, Texture & Pattern
2 Nov Balance

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:


Assignment 3 due

Ass. 4 : A collection of something
Color - Value

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Exposure 4: Metering

Assignment 4 due

Ass. 5 : Color & Silhouette

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:


Assignment 5 due

Ass. 6 : Unusual Perspective
Image & Time
Gr1&2: 8 Dec.

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Basics of photo manipulation on Photoshop

Assignment 6 due

Ass. 7 : The Story of....
Image & Sound

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Assignments feed back

Assignment 7 due

Ass. 8 : My Favorite song
Final project supervision
Gr1 & Gr2:

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Final project theme

Assignment 8 due

Ass. 9 : Photoshop
Final Project Due

Gr3: Gr4: Gr5:

Final project due

Assignment 9 due

Course weights: Final 40, Assignments 40, Class Work 20

Instructor: Sara Mostafa Kamel
Email: sara.kamel@guc.edu.eg
Office: Photography Studio Workshop Area
Office hours: Time to be posted or by appointment.