Course MD101

Still Image

Prof. Fetzner, B. Dudzik, J. Hakiem | Winter 2009/10

"We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice."
John Berger

The course "Still Image" is an introduction in the culture of seeing and the basic elements of visual communication. "What is a picture?" is the starting point of the lecture.

Lecture Schedule
Week Lecture P1: Photography P2: Generative Design
1 What is a Picture? Metapicture Introduction to processing
2 Illusions Size constancy Functions
3 Point, Line & Plane Shifting dimensions Variables I
4 Gestalt 1 Face View Variables II
5 Gestalt 2 Figure and ground Conditionals
6 Proportion Balance and Tension Loops
7 Typography Semantic Typography Synthesis I
8 Color and Perception Synaesthetics Synthesis II
9 Impact of Colours Animation Synthesis III