Still Image | P2:Generative Design


  • Goto the download area of the Processing-Website and get version appropriate for your operating system from there.
  • Install Processing on your home computer.
  • There's no need for telling me that you finished this assignment ;-)

Assignment 2 - MONSTERFACE

  • Use Processing to draw a monster-like face.
  • Make use of all the basic drawing functions that have been demonstrated in the tutorial.
  • Copy&Paste the source code of your work into an eMail and send it to bernd.dudzik@guc.edu.eg.
  • Use a subject structured the following way (including the spaces):

    Still Image GroupNumber | Your Name | Monsterface

    Example: Still Image 5 | Bernd Dudzik | Monsterface

  • The deadline for submitting the assignments to me is 8 pm on the evening before the next tutorial.

Additional material


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