Course MD202 Spring 2012


Sara Kamel, Henriette Bornkamm, Hoda Hamouda

”There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” Ernst Haas, Magnum Agency

Within the lecture you will learn the basics of photography in order to translate your imagination into unique pictures, and you will get to know how to apply different genres of photography in order to get the best results. Namely you will learn how to portray people, how to take pictures of products, buildings, moving objects and how to use photography as a journalistic tool.

Lecture: Takes place in (H 10) - First Lecture: Wednesday February 22, 2012


Group 01: Wednesday, 12.30 – 2.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 22, 2012

Group 02: Tuesday, 12.30 – 2.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 21, 2012

Group 03: Sunday, 12.30 – 2.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 19, 2012

Group 04: Monday, 10.30 – 12.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 20, 2012

Group 05: Monday, 12.30 – 2.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 20, 2012

Group 06: Wednesday, 10.30 – 12.00 pm, in MD Room
First appointment: Feb. 22, 2012

Course outline

photography course is designed to teach the student how to shoot like pro, supported by tutorial workshops, focusing on:

  • How to develop and realize image ideas that show your own unique view on the world.
  • Exploration of the fundamental principles, techniques and application of camera-based image making.
  • Techniques of using light as a creative tool.
  • How to Take professional photos outdoors (sports – architecture – landscape – portrait).
  • Exploration of the photogram and the fundamentals of the chemical laboratory.

Course outcome

By the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Use advanced controls on digital cameras and lenses.
  • Learn the fundamentals of photography by exploring both the technical and artistic aspects of the medium.
  • Learn the basic principles of light design of portrait, landscape and architecture photography.
  • Utilize and direct natural and artificial light to photograph a subject.
  • Understand outdoor & indoor lighting.
  • Learn the basics of photo journalism and sports photography.

Course Description:

  • Click here to download a PDF with the course description and important information about the assignments.

Assignments: grades will be determined on:

  • Completion of assignments on the due date and time. Late assignment will affect your grades.
  • The successes or failures in how will your assignments demonstrate your understanding to the topics discussed in the class.
  • Conceptual and aesthetic development.


  • grades will be determined on student's performance during the final quiz, which will take place in the week after the semester. The quiz will contain questions that were treated during the lectures.

Final Project:

  • For final project description go to page 6 in course description.
  • grades will be determined on
  • Completion of the final project on the due date and time.
  • The technical and artistic aspects of the project.
  • Style and personality.


No Date Lecture Date Tutorial
22 Feb. Introduction

Course Description:

Gr3: 26 Feb.

Gr4&5: 27 Feb. Gr2: 28 Feb. Gr1&6: 29 Feb.

Shutter & Aperture
29 Feb. Camera technique 1: Lenses
Gr3: 4 March

Gr4&5: 5 March Gr2: 6 March Gr1&6: 7 March

Painting with light

Assignment 1 due

7 March Camera technique 2: analogue & digital technique
Gr3: 11 March

Gr4&5: 12 March Gr2: 13 March Gr1&6: 14 March

How to win a photography contest

Assignment 2 due

14 March Light : (Color, Quality & angle)
Gr3: 18 March

Gr4&5: 19 March Gr2: 20 March Gr1&6: 21 March

White Balance
21 March Outdoor Portrait and Landscape Photography
Gr3: 25 March

Gr4&5: 26 March Gr2: 27 March Gr1&6: 28 March

Light Quality

Assignment 4 due

28 March Architecture Photography
Gr3: 1 April

Gr4&5: 2 April Gr2: 3 April Gr1&6: 4 April

Portrait Outdoor

Assignment 5 due

4 April no lecture - midterm exams
Gr3: 8 April

Gr4&5: 9 April Gr2: 10 April Gr1&6: 11 April

Portrait Indoor
11 April Sports & Lifestyle Photography
Gr3: 15 April

Gr4&5: 16 April Gr2: 17 April Gr1&6: 18 April

Architecture & landscape

Assignment 6 due

18 April '''Photojournalism, Image and Time
Gr3: 22 April

Gr4&5: 23 April Gr2: 24 April Gr1&6: 25 April


Assignment 8 due

9 May Abstract Photography Gr3: 6 May

Gr4&5: 7 May Gr2: 8 May Gr1&6: 9 May

Action Photography
16 May Revision
Gr3: 13 May

Gr4&5: 14 May Gr2: 15 May Gr1&6: 16 May

Abstract Photography

Assignment 9 due

23 May Exam
Gr3: 20 May

Gr4&5: 21 May Gr2: 22 May Gr1&6: 23 May

Final project supervision

Assignment 3 , 7 & 10 due

Course weights: Final 40, Assignments 40, Quiz 20

Instructor: Sara Mostafa Kamel
Office: Photography Studio – Workshop Area
Office hours: by appointment.

Instructor: Henriette Bornkamm
Office: C3-123
Office hours: by appointment.

TA: Hoda Hamouda
Office: C2-302
Office hours: by appointment.