Mostafa Youssef



Mostafa’s most recent short film, Blue Dive, was officially selected for the International Film Festival at Rotterdam and the short film competition of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. His earlier short films: Shawarby st., and Call Of Madness won few local awards, including Special Jury Prize at the “Rencontre De L’Image, 2007,” and were internationally selected for several festivals including NYU's NextReel, Mediterraneo Film Festival, Up and Coming Film Festival, Cinemadamare.

Mostafa has directed and produced numerous documentaries both for local causes and NGOs including Care, ACT, Environment Television, among others. Also for regional broadcasters, most recent of which is the “Before Petrol,” and “I Now Have A Blog” series for Al Jazeera and the documentary Ink Caravans for Al Jazeera Documentary.

In the recent revolutionary events, Mostafa helped found http://www.thawramedia.com, a platform to empower citizen media and journalism, he has created curriculums for video education for both young teens and for media initiatives at the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (http://arabdigitalexpression.org), he is also a member of the Mosireen Collective (http://mosireen.org) for revolutionary media and support, and he founded Seen Films (http://seenfilms.com), a Cairo-based film house which supports and produces independent feature and short films.



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