Course MD 301 Winter 2013/14

The Moving Image

Hossam Elouan, J. Schmid, Ghada Fikri, Nora Kahil, Y. Yassin

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen." - Robert Bresson

MD 301: The Moving Image

Course outline

THE MOVING IMAGE is an examination of the artistic elements of the moving picture. The detailed analysis of basic cinema techniques and how they might be creatively manipulated for expressive effect will be combined with the screening of films or film excerpts appropriate to class discussion. This analysis will be reinforced and put into practice through the workshop component of the course, where students will learn how to shoot and edit a short film.

Course Outcome

This course is intended to provide students with:

          •  a working vocabulary of terms and concepts used in the aesthetic criticism and production of films;

          •  basic practical knowledge of film production; and

          •  the opportunity to improve their ability to think cogently and effectively about film.

Ultimately, these outcomes are designed so that the student will learn to understand and articulate their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual responses to these art forms in a meaningful way, and to apply these concepts to the creative production of their own work.

References and Textbooks

	David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson.  Film Art: An Introduction, 9th ed.  McGraw-Hill, 2010.
	Daniel Arijon.  Grammar of the Film Language.  Silman-James Press, 1991.
	David Mamet.  On Directing Film.  Penguin, 1992.

Course Syllabus

WEEK ONE: 22 – 26 September The production process

WEEK TWO: 29 – 03 October Film form Suggested screening: Man With a Movie Camera (1929: USSR) 65 minutes

WEEK THREE: 06 – 10 Octobber Cinematography Suggested screening: Koyaanisqatsi (1983: USA) 87 minutes

WEEK Eid el Adha: 13 – 17 October

WEEK FOUR: 20 – 24 October Mise en cadre Suggested screening: Do The Right Thing (1989: USA) 120 minutes

WEEK FIVE: 27 – 31 October Mise en sc่ne Suggested screening: Our Hospitality (1925: USA) 75 minutes

WEEK SIX: 03 – 07 November Lighting Suggested screening: The Night of the Hunter (1955: USA) 93 minutes

WEEK SEVEN: 10 – 14 November Sound Suggested screening: A Man Escaped (1956: France) 98 minutes

WEEK EIGHT: 17 – 21 November Editing Suggested screening; The Road Warrior (1981: Australia) 95 minutes

WEEK NINE: 24 – 28 November Editing Suggested screening: Breathless (1959: France) 90 minutes

WEEK TEN: 01– 05 December Scene and sequence Suggested screening: North by Northwest (1959: USA) 136 minutes


Narrative Suggested screening: Citizen Kane (1941: USA) 119 minutes


Genre, style, and worldview Suggested screening: Meet Me in St. Louis (1944: USA) 116 minutes


Documentary, avant garde, and animated films Suggested screenings: Gap-Toothed Women (1987: USA) 31 minutes Ballet m้canique (1924: France) 19 minutes The River (1938: USA) 31 minutes A Movie (1958: USA) 12 minutes


Final thoughts

Groups 3 & 8

Groups 1, 4, 5 & 7