Course MD 301 Winter 2011/12

Moving Images

M. Kallenberger, J. Hakiem, J. Schmid

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen." - Robert Bresson

NEWS: The Quiz will take place on wednesday 18.01.2012 at 12:00 in C3 room 225 (80 students) and C6 room 209 (22 students). It will be a computerized multiple choice quiz. Please check all the pdfs at the WIKI to be well prepared.


Course outline

The course „Moving Images / Cairo Portraits“ is an introduction into film and video production. By examining film excerpts combined with theoretical analyses students will depictively understand basic cinematic techniques such as mise-en-scène, composition, framing, camera positions and movements, editing, lighting, sound, and color. Each class focuses on one formal aspect of the film medium, taking examples from film history. We will watch films from a variety of cinematic traditions across time and space in order to reflect on specific techniques’ formations and transformations. The particular emphasis is on aquiring conceptional competence for directing as well as technical skills to set up, edit and finalize our own video projects based on the subject „Cairo Portraits“.

Course Outcome

• Knowledge of film history
• Video concept developpement
• Animation techniques
• Camera work
• Sound recording
• Skills and methods of montage for narrative strategies
• Montage techniques for video and film postproduction

References and Textbooks

• Digital Video Production Handbook, Pierre A. Kandorfer, Ph.D. . Xlibris Corporation 2010
• Grammar of the film language, Daniel Arijon, Silman-James Press Los Angeles


Group 1 Wednesday slot4
Group 2 Tuesday slot5
Group 3 Wednesday slot2
Group 4 Wednesday slot3


Date Topic Handout References
SEP 25 City Portraits (1) 01 lecture / Cinematography Shots Establishing a location, characters etc. (1)
OCT 02 City Portraits (2) 02 lecture / Camera Angles Establishing a location, characters etc. (2)

camera angles and perception

OCT 09 Moving Camera 03 lecture / Moving Camera camera and perception
OCT 16 Perception of Time 04 lecture / Manipulating Time
OCT 23 Illusion of Movement 05 lecture / Animation Techniques Animation Techniques: Stop Motion - Time Lapse - Cinemagraph
OCT 30 Narrative Style 06 lecture / Narrative Style subjective & objective treatment, continuity & invisible editing etc.
NOV 06 EID HOLIDAYS - no teaching -
NOV 13 the university council had decided to put on hold all undergraduate teaching activities from the 12th to the 18th of November 2011
NOV 20 Story, Treatment, Filmproduction guest lecturer Henriette Bornkamm
DEC 04 Editing Techniques 08 lecture / Editing Techniques match cut, motivated cut, jump cut, cross cut, cut-away etc.
DEC 11 Use of Sound 09 lecture / Sound sound film, talkie, sound perspective & use of sound
DEC 18 Revison
DEC 25 - no teaching -
JAN 01 - no teaching -
JAN 08