Course MD 301 Winter 2010/11

Moving Images

M. Kallenberger, J. Hakiem, J. Schmid

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."
Robert Bresson

Cairo Cityscape

Practical Sunday, Groups 2 10:30 am in C2_209 First appointment: September 26, 2010

The course „Moving Images / Cairo Cityscape“ is an introduction into film and video production. By examining film excerpts combined with theoretical analyses students will depictively understand basic cinematic techniques such as mise-en-scène, composition, framing, camera positions and movements, editing, lighting, sound, and color. Each class focuses on one formal aspect of the film medium, taking examples from film history. We will watch films from a variety of cinematic traditions across time and space in order to reflect on specific techniques’ formations and transformations. The particular emphasis is on aquiring conceptional competence for directing as well as technical skills to set up, edit and finalize our own video projects based on the subject „Cityscape Cairo“.

Date Topic References Assignments
Sept 21 Intro Text: Deleuze / Theses on movement 1-3
Sept 27 Movie and the City handout 01 • choose one location in the city and make photos representing the different shots we discussed in the lecture (look at handout 01)
Oct 04 Movie and the City / Perception of Time Time-Lapse / Stop-Motion / Slow Motion • choose one location in the city, make photos, experiment with Time-Lapse Photography, import the photos in an editing program to generate a 15s movie. deadline 18.10.2010
Oct 11 Perception of Time Time-Lapse / Stop-Motion / Slow Motion How to edit in Quicktime
Oct 18 Narrative Strategies The Filmmaking Process / Pre-Production / Storytelling
  • Smoke by Wayne Wang and Paul Auster
Oct 25 Narrative Strategies Developing the Story / Point of View
  • Ajami by Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani
Narrative Strategies
Nov 01 Filmproduction The Crew check out some films at the * European Film Festival 03.-09.11.2010 in Cairo
Nov 08 Filmproduction !!!! PLEASE BE THERE ON TIME!!! * The managers of TOUR EGYPT will present their company and the concept of their Web TV Channel ...
Nov 15 Holiday ... ...
Nov 15 Midterm Exams ... ...
Nov 29 Sound Use of Sound Use of Sound
Dez 06 Editing Techniques 1 Montage/Cutting/Editing, Continuity and Transitions Editing Techniques 1
Dez 13 Activity Week ... ...
Dez 20 Editing Techniques 2 Fades, Dissolves and other Transitions Editing Techniques 2
Dez 27 no lecture ... ...
Jan 03 no lecture ... ...
Jan 10 no lecture ... time to get prepared for the QUIZ ...
Jan 17 QUIZ ... ...