Course MD301

Moving Image

Prof. Fetzner, N. Stefanka, T. Kess Winter 2009/10

"Perception is action"
Heinz von Foerster

The course "Moving Image" is an introduction to time based media. What has a camera to do with the eye? is a central question in the lecture. Glossary

Week Lecture Practical Work
Oct 6 Armed Forces Holiday Introduction and Quiz
Video Data Sheet
Oct 17 What is a Moving Image? Slow motion, real time, fast motion
Oct 20 Camera Multiperspectives
Oct 27 Camera Movement Crossing the line rule
Nov 3 Montage 1 Spur der Steine at Goethe Institute
Nov 17 Montage 2 -
Nov 24 Camera/Eye/View -
Dec 8 Medial Spaces -
Dec 15 Immersive Environments -