Steffen Scholl, Alex Essen, Sebastian Kraft, Christian Dootz, Yacoub Yassin, Hend Esmat, Ghada Fikri

Sound - Steffen Scholl

Interaction Design - Alex Essen

Video/Animation Tech - Sebastian Kraft

Digital Editing - Yacoub Yassin, Hend Esmat, JTA Sana Ahmed

Group Schedule:

Group 06: Monday 1st Slot - D2.105
Group 07: Tuesday 4th Slot - D2.105
Group 08: Tuesday 1st Slot - D2.105
Group 09: Monday 2nd Slot - D2.105
Group 10: Tuesday 5th Slot - D2.105
Group 11: Sunday 2nd slot - D2.105

Course Weight and Evaluation:

1- 8 Assignments (%)
2- Final Project (%)

You will be graded on the following:
- Format and Labeling
- Following instructions
- Bonus for taking it further


1- Must Hand in Assignment in a labeled folder at the start of class.
2- Folders must be named in the following format "CMD15_AssXX_Name_ID_GrXX"
3- Folders must not exceed 50 MB.

Semester schedule

Week 1 8/02/2015 -> 10/02/2015 Introduction to Sound Design
Week 2 15/02/2015 -> 17/02/2015 Introduction to Interaction Design
Week 3 22/02/2015 -> 24/02/2015 Introduction to Animation/Tech
Week 4 01/03/2015 -> 03/03/2015 Audacity: Sound Editing

Class Review Handout 01

Basics of Sound Recording, Audacity Interface, Noise Removal, High/Low Pass, Compression, Normalize Record 5s vocal clip of your choice,

clean up audio and add music in BG with low pass (Check class review). Film quotes as a recording example: here
Please submit:
1-A picture of your sound booth
2- final edited audio file.wav
3- raw audio file (before clean up)

Week 5 08/03/2015 -> 10/03/2015 Adobe Media Encoder: Compressions and Video Formats

Class Review Handout 02

Different Formats, bitrates, Framerates, Aspect Ratio, Video Quality and Exporting Settings Download ASS_02 footage and check its media information. Export at the following bitrates: 10Mb/s, 6Mb/s, 2Mb/s.

Check the file sizes & quality differences between the videos. Please submit: 1-Screenshot of Movie Inspector/Media Information of downloaded file
2- Three Videos exported at 10Mb/s, 6Mb/s & 2Mb/s
3- Three Screenshots; One from each video comparing the quality of the different exported videos to each other.

Week 6 15/03/2015 -> 17/03/2015 Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr): Basic Editing Class Review Handout 03 Basic interface, Importing, cutting videos, freeze frame & Slow Motion Using the footage from CMD15_ASS03_RUSHES folder, edit a 30s sequence into a simple story. Remember to organize the footage to save time for yourself during the edit.

Please submit:

1-Screenshot of your organized footage in folders
2- 30s edit of the footage provided. Format:H.264 - 5Mbps. All other settings should be the same as the source.

Week 7 22/03/2015 -> 24/03/2015 Pr: Basic Editing Pt.2 Class Review Handout 04 Sound Syncing Take video footage from class material, sync audio with video for each material, and cross cut between them, with at least 5 cuts. Average duration of the video should be 30 seconds.
Week 8 29/03/2015 -> 31/03/2015 Pr: Color Correction and Color Grading

Class Review Handout 05

Tips while shooting, Histogram, 3 Color Wheel Take 3 shots, neutralize their colour correction, and colour grade in three different moods to match music clips.
Week 9 05/04/2015 -> 07/03/2015 Pr: Split Screen

Class Review Handout 06

Basic Keying Motion, Using Grids Create a music video from 30s-60s beatbox clip using split screens. Footage should be colour graded, and should include at least one instance of keyed motion.
Week 10 12/04/2015 -> 14/04/2015

12/04 IS OFF!!

Adobe After Effects (AE): Kinetic Typography

Storyboard Template // Class Review Handout 07

Basic interface, Project Settings, Timeline and Keyframes, sync text with sound, Transform Tools, Text Path Create a 10s-15s Type in Motion using any movie dialogue or music lyrics of your choice. Do a storyboard (sketch-refer to template- AND digital) defining the final compositions, fonts, colors and text motion. Start syncing your text with the sound (at least 5 seconds of Animation)
Week 11 19/04/2015 -> 21/04/2015 AE: Kinetic Typography Masks and Shape Layers,Pre-compositions, Motion Blur, Rendering Add Masks, Shapes AND any Effect to your Type-in Motion and Export the final movie in HD format, H.264
Week 12 26/04/2015 -> 28/04/2015 AE: Character Animation Importing from Ai/Ps with layers, Parenting Create different dance moves for the character using the sound provided in the class material. Export your final dance in HD format, H.264