MD Project | Course MD 402 | Maria Mohr & Ghada Fikri

at Zawya for the screening of Amy
in class with guest producer Tobias Buechner


Week 01 31/01 PDF:
What to Expect
- A Good Looking Woman is Required for Employment by Dina El-Hawary
- Growth by Mirna Noaman

Week 02 06/02 About Sound by Steffen Scholl -

Week 03 13/02 About Interaction Design by Alex Essen

See last slide of the lecture


Week 04 20/02 About Animation by Mohamed Hammad

References pdf


Week 05 28/02 PDF:
About Artistic Research
Eden's Edge - Turtle Island
نبتدي منين الحكاية؟
Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers
A Story About a Straw
Read: Julian Klein: What is Artistic Research?
Watch: Andrew Stanton: The Clues to A Great Story
Assignment 01 [Part 01]:

Prepare a 2 min presentation after researching your Topic.

Week 06 06/03 MIDTERMS --

Week 07 13/03 PDF:
About Pitching + Presentations

Cousin Cousine

Read: Tips for better Presentation

Assignment 01 [Part 02]: Prepare a pdf document answering all relevant questions discussed in class.

Week 08 20/03 About Documentation + Consultations

Dimensions of Dialogue

Assignment 02 [Part 01]:

Prepare a 2 min presentation with the documentation of your project process so far.

Week 09 27/03 About Planning with Tobias Buechner

+ Presentations

Assignment 02 [Part 02]:

Prepare a pdf document with your (preferably detailed) schedule/time plan for the remaining weeks.

Week 10 03/04 About Proof-of-Concept & Production Tips

+ Consultations

Screening: Amy @ Zawya on Tuesday 05/04

Assignment 03 [Part 01]:

Prepare a 5 minute presentation with progress based on your individual consultations + the first edit of your booklet.

Week 11 10/04 Presentations + Hand-in of booklet [first edit] Assignment 03 [Part 02]:

Prepare your last presentation (max 10 mins) including a pre-final version of your project.

Week 12 17/04 One more presentation -

Week 13 24/04 Finalising Projects [No class or consultations] -

Week 14 05/05 Handing In + The Screening - D2.101

Handing in: 10am to 11am
Screening: 12pm to 4pm