Media Design Project

Spring 2014 - Course MD402 | J. Schmid, Nora Kahil

Directing a movie is a very overrated job, we all know it. You just have to say yes or no. What else do you do? Nothing. -Liliane La Fleur, Nine (2009)

Groups' Timetable

Lecture Group 1 | Mon. 10.30h - 12.00h| C3.122
Practical Group 1 | Mon. 12.30h - 2.00h | C3.122

Lecture Group 2 | Tues. 10.30h - 12.00h| C3.120
Practical Group 2 | Tues. 12.30h - 2.00h | C3.120

Lecture Group 3 | Wed. 10.30h - 12.00h | C3.104
Practical Group 3 | Wed. 12.30h - 2.00h | C3.104

Learning Outcomes

Students will understand the mutual dependence of concept and production processes and will get insights into motivation psychology, team guidance and project management. Developing a broader understanding of communication and concept applicability within a defined production process and relate them to accessible computer tools is a key objective of the course.

The Practical Part

Students will learn to produce a video, photography series, event or any other media product in self responsible teams. At the end of the course students will have produced a small-scaled, fully professional media product.


1 24.02 - 26.02 Screening students Moving Image final projects Criticizing and discussing session
2 03.03 - 05.03 Structure of a film, plot outline, synopsis, log line Screening "Oh boy!" (2012), analyzing and discussing the movie
3 10.03 - 12.03 Production vs. Post Production Review the plot outline and log line.
4 17.03 - 19.03 Introduction about script writing and storyboarding Students present their final's ideas, start to write the final's script, plot outline
5 17.03 - 19.03 How to direct a scene? Camera Angles, Framing, Composing Shots, Staging Dialogues Sequence
6 31.03 - 02.04 MIDTERM WEEK, No teaching Individual Meetings for the final project
7 07.04 - 09.04 Research tools and Scouting Material Screening