MD Project (4 SWS)

Course MD401 | Stefan Haake, John Hakiem, Magdalena Kallenberger

NEWS: The new semester will start 17.02.2012


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Stefan Haake

John Hakiem
Group 3

John Hakiem

Group 1

Magdalena Kallenberger

Group 2

Course Description:

This course offers Media design students to improve their conceptional and practical skills in order to develop and realize their own media design projects. The particular emphasis is on acquiring conceptional competence for directing/art direction as well as technical skills to set up, produce and finalize their own Media Design projects based on the semester topic "EGYPT REVISITED".


By the end of the course students will be able to:

Develop a specific personal research topic/theme.
Analyse the theoretical framework mandatory for contextualizing Media Design projects.
Acquiring practical and technical methods (concept/scriptwriting, camera, sound, lighting, editing, and post-production techniques), in relation to semester topics chosen.
Develop presentation skills.

Instruction formats:

The class will be conducted as follows: In-class lectures/ or discussion in brainstorming groups In-class group task including oral presentations. Screenings of films, subject specific and relevant to students film projects and discussions.


Assignment 25% Class work 25% Final Assignment 50%

Course Materials/Films:

According to the semester topic(s), provided by the different Media Design project supervisors. GUC, Faculty of Applied Arts, MD