Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal


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Corporate / Graphic / Web / Interaction Design


From an early age Manoj Kurian Kallupurackal has been guided by his interest for art & graphic design. Born in Cologne, Germany in 1980, he began interning at local and multinational advertising agencies like Brandrelation in Germany and Lowe in India, even before he started his degree.

He began his studies at the Cologne International School of Design and went on to get his Bachelors in Media Design, majoring in interface and multimedia design at the University of Bielefeld.
His consistently growing interest in the intercultural aspect of communication even during his studies, led Kallupurackal to further projects and jobs abroad in agencies like TBWA in Malaysia, where he was given the opportunity to gain experience in areas other than those of his primary interest such as design planning, marketing and project management. This enabled him in focusing on what exactly he wanted to do. He continued his studies in 2005 at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld and finished his degree in communication design 2 years later.

During his studies, Kallupurackal was actively part of the Design & Culture industry where he worked on different projects for various clients.
This established client base enabled his smooth transition into the industry as an independent freelancer. He moved his base to Cairo, in 2007, where he consulted and worked for an American IT company on several prestigious projects for Microsoft, BMW etc. till he and his long-time business partner Sagar Ghoting founded Kurian Ghoting LLC in 2008.

Besides his commercial work Kallupurackal designs and manages projects for Masala Movement, an intercultural artists collective, which was founded by him in 2003.