MD Project

MD 402

lecturer Julien Schmid

jTA Noha Ayoub


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First appointment: 08.03.2011
Course group closing 15.03.2011


THE EVENTS of the last weeks in Egypt and the Region represent historical moments where the lessons of many decades can be telescoped into a few brief moments and seemingly minor occurrences acquire immense significance.

Throughout last semester all of you started learning about the basics in « film making » or « moving image project » making . It was a time of learning how to make something out of an idea that you developed into your final assignments in the form of a short film, and not without some success.

The aim of this semester is to continue urging you to express your ideas and then make a final project out of your ideas.

In order to do so I would require from each of you to start thinking about a personal way of expressing the actual change happening in the society that we live in, i.e a group of people related to each other through persistent relation such as ; social status, roles and social network.

The whole idea is to come up with variations on the theme Change.

Seemingly minor occurrences…

In the last few weeks, in your country, many things changed, while others did not. What is your relation to the Change(s) that occured in your country, the Region, how did it or didn’t it effect your daily personnal life, your relation to the world, your family, your Self…

Immense significance…

Throughout this 4th semester we will work together on developing your idea of Change. First through discussion then with writing and finally, shooting and editing.

Although the idea is that each one of you produces one piece of work in your Final, I would propose to work in groups of 5 students which will help you to exchange ideas about your project and … move on.

+ Screening of films should be preceeded by some research and a présentation.

 Course Outline 
1 08.03.2011 Presentation of Change(s) Groupe discussion Film: "Dad" by Steven Dwoskin

2 15.03.2011 Discussion over film topics, form groups, Film: "Punishment Park" by Peter Watkins Assign. for week 3, short synopsis of project, via email

by Monday 21st, 12pm (midday!) latest

3 22.03.2011 Discussion over film topics Film: "Russian Arch" by Aleksandr Sokurov Repeat...Assign. for week 4, short synopsis of project, via email

by Monday 28th, 12pm (midday!) latest

4 29.03.2011 Group meetings as set in class on the 22.03, cf list below Assign. for week 5, develop synopsis of project after group discussion, via email by Monday 04th of April, 12pm (midday!) latest

5 05.04.2011 Group meetings, Please be on time. Late is too late! Scene breakdown

6 12.04.2011 Group meetings, Please be on time. Locations

7 19.04.2011 !!! NEW Group meetings, Please be on time. Sent also by FB. Final loc. and breakdown.

8 26.04.2011 Group meetings, Please be on time.

9 03.05.2011 DEADline for all documentation * (what is Documentation? see below) Hand in shooting schedule Shoot kick off!

Activity week 10.05.2011 Shoots Feedback from first shoot...

10 17.05.2011 Return from shoots, screening of rushes in groups. For the ones who can, start of editing! Same meeting schedules as last weeks!

11 24.05.2011 Editing, postprod finished Make sure to come to group meetings with your rushes, edits...

12 31.05.2011 Last course BUT meetings throughout the week Submission of Final Assignment

13 07.06.2011 Submission of ALL Assignments

Production documentation:

1. Synopsis

2. Scenario/scene breakdown/storyboard

3. Visuals for location, actors (photos)

4. Wardrobe, props list

5. Technical team and equipment list

6. Shooting schedule

List of groups and meetings:


Gr 1: 12h00 Sarah G., Mennatallah, Yasmin S., Roba, Nissmah R.

Gr 2: 13h30 Rania M, Marina G., Aya I., Laila H.,Noha S., Shaimaa M.

Gr 3: 14h30 Sarah S., Yasmina R., Ghalia A., Rana B., Nourhan R.

Gr 4: 15h30 Nerveen E., Zeinab E., Donia Rafaat

Gr 5: 16h30 Khaled, Ahmed.