Lecture Series " REFLECTIONS ON ..."

Magdalena Kallenberger

NEWS: REFLECTIONS ON ... presents Cross-Cultural Video Project an online-collaboration of HFU Furtwangen and GUC students of the 7th semester HYBRID MEDIA. Be part of the live skype-conference and discussion starting 3 PM in C3-122

  • is a lecture series open for anyone interested in watching and discussing film and video works.
  • delivers insight into different forms of intercultural, collaborative and artistic research and unconventional narrative strategies.

Filmmakers, artists and designers are invited to present and discuss their works, projects and favourite films dealing with the topic.

Date Topic
December 20.12.2011 Cross-Cultural Video Project is an online-collaboration of HFU Furtwangen and GUC students of the 7th semester HYBRID MEDIA. Be part of the live skype-conference and discussion starting 3 PM. Hybrid Media Course WS 2011/12
December 13.12.2011 André Neumann is an Erfurt/Germany based media artist, specialized on video production and postproduction. He was born in 1979, studied in Weimar/Germany and founded his own company n13-Media in 2005. His latest work can be viewed on his website: www.n13-media.de
December 06.12.2011 Nachwa Elbatal (Cairo/Egypt), working as a freelancer for various Cairo based advertising agencies in the field of compositing – combining visual effects from separate sources, motion graphics – to create the illusion of motion or rotation) and coloring.
November 29.11.2011 AKTIVITY WEEK: there is the chance to watch a lot of good films at the 4th Panorama of Europan Films at Galaxy Cinema/Manial and Stars Cinema/Citystars.
November 22.11.2011 Henriette Bornkamm (Berlin / Germany) presents her current work as a filmmaker 'When you have gone, I'll still be there!' - A case study on a long term documentary about children, that try to change the world.
November 15.11.2011 no lecture series: the university council has decided to put on hold all undergraduate teaching activities from the 12th to the 18th of November 2011
November 08.11.2011 EID HOLIDAYS
November 01.11.2011 Mikala Hyldig Dal (Berlin / Germany) is a visual artist working in the intersection point of art and design. In her work she often fuses analogue source material with digital modifications. Moving images are served in a mode of graphical exaltation & baroque Übermut.
October 24.10.2011 TRACING VISIONS - EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION EXHIBITION @ Sharjah Art Gallery AUC Campus New Cairo
  • This multimedia exhibition features the work of students in ARTV 370 Experimental Animation including Nada Baraka, Islam Shabana, Salma Abed, Rana Abdel Nabi, Yasmeen Elsharkawy, Soha Elsergany, Hussein Ismael, Sherif Amr, Zeina Ali, Nesma El Abd, Mohammad Talaia, and Sama Waly. The videos are presented with documentation of the students’ creative process in the form of texts, drawings, collages and digital prints that trace the conceptual development of their project from the initial idea to the final realization.
October 18.10.2011 Bernd Dudzik (Cairo / Egypt) presents two works using technology-based transformations.
  • fogpatch is a media installation dealing with the reconstruction of a bodily experience of the cybernetician Max Bense. Involves the transformation of seismic signals from the San Fransisco bay area to algorithmic poetry.
  • CairoRoundabout examines the incorporeal memory of human and non-human actors during a Parkour with a pick up truck through the metropolis at the Nile. During the ride the cross medial integration of man, media, and megalopolis were recorded with multiple video cameras and transformed by an especially developed tool into slitscans: Static-images displaying the temporal development of an atomic fraction of space.
  • examples of different techniques of intermedial transformation
		- time-based video-transformation
		- text-to-graphic + graphic-to-text
		- sound-to-graphic + video-to-sound
October 11.10.2011 Lisa Ghio (Berlin / Germany) will show a selection of videoworks created in the last years.
  • EINBLICKE / INSIGHT is a video work, with the purpose of a „zooming“ approximation to a Berlin district, called Maerkisches Viertel. Beginning with an overview of masslivingspaces, the observation gets more and more focused on individual spaces of living. The video ends in the moment where other movies would begin... The zooming view can be seen as an introduction of any story, based in this district of masses.
  • Kurfürstenperformance shows a Video-Graffiti Action, hold in Dezember 2010, in a street called Kurfürstenstraße, known for prostitution and human traffic. On a well seen wall, in this street, a videoperformance was screened during nighttime. The Performance is illustrating five chosen articles of human rights, which seem to me especialy important for those women, mostly working against their own will.
  • Geräuschkulissen / Soundsceneries is a work in progress, started in summer 2010. With so called biaural microfones, catching 3D sound, places of public space in berlin, where sound was recored during daytime. The pictures where taken at a later moment, when these places where empty. What brings sound and pictures together, is the exact position or the movments, made during the sound- and videorecording. The work is tring to play with the imagination of the observer - giving pictures of empty space, and sounds of daily live to make the audience create their own pictures and stories.
October 04.10.2011 Lost in Translation (2008) directed by Sofia Coppola was a major critical and commecial success and went on to be nominated for four Academy Awards.
  • Lost in Translation (2008) "A drama with elements of comedy and romance, the film revolves around an aging actor named Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and a recent college graduate named Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), who develop a unique closeness after a chance meeting in a grand Tokyo hotel. The movie explores themes of loneliness, alienation, insomnia, existential ennui, and culture shock, against the backdrop of a modern Japanese cityscape." (wikipedia)

102 Min | drama | 2003

September 27.09.2011 Gran Torino (2008) directed by Clint Eastwood was recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the Ten Best Films of 2008.
  • Gran Torino (2008) "Uplifting, topical and absolutely engaging, Gran Torino posits an answer to the current clash-of-cultures theory that seems to have sent the new world in a tizzy." (Nikhat Kazmi)

116 Min | drama | 2008