Lending system for Applied Arts students

Opening hours during the semester

Day In-slot Out-slot
return equipment only take out equipment only
Sunday 10.30-12.00 14.00-16.00
Tuesday 10.30-12.00 14.00-16.00
Thursday 10.30-12.00 14.00-16.00

For receiving equipment or reservation please pass by during the assigned hours.

Download Lending Permission Form

Please note that the lending system is now run by the tutors listed below.

Storage Room New Media Lab

(behind letterpress)

Mohammed Abd El Khalek


  • To avoid getting into any trouble, make sure you read the lending protocol thoroughly before you sign any application.
  • Students MUST NOT take any equipment from the storage room without the notification of the tutor. Download Lending Permission Form
  • Your lecturer or instructor has to sign it before taking the equipment.
  • Lending and returning the equipment is done only during the assigned office hours of the tutors.
  • Lending DEADLINES should be extremely respected by all students, and if not, the student will be prohibited from future lending.
  • Incase of any losses or miss using of the equipment, the student will be asked to cover all costs.
  • Double check that there is nothing wrong with the pieces you are taking, for you will be asked about them on the returning date.
  • Feel free to ask the tutors any question on using the equipment, to avoid any misuses.
  • Students should reserve the equipment with the tutor prior to the lending date to avoid any clashes.
  • Incase of any clashes or an over-reserved schedule, priorities will be made according to the studentís semester and projectís deadline.
  • If the schedule is over-reserved, each student will be given a maximum period of days suitable for making a fair, smooth flowing plan.
  • Students MUST stick to the reserved days only, and MUST hand in the equipment on the deadlineís DATE and TIME agreed upon with the tutor.
  • Incase of failing to meet any of the upper lending protocol contents, the student could be at risk of TOTAL PREVENTION from future lending, and is held responsible in front of the universityís management.
  • Lending protocol, schedules and reservations are designed to create a fair, smooth and cooperative environment among the students, so please be understanding. Yet our system is quite flexible, so donít hesitate to talk openly to the tutors.