Course MD401

Media Project - Interactive Programming (6 SWS)

Bernd Dudzik

"A technology is interactive to the degree that it reflects the consequences of our actions or decisions back to us."
David Rokeby

This course will deal with the concept of interactivity as a design element in computer-based media, aswell as the spreading technique of interactive programming. The latter one will be introduced to the students as an approach that allows designers easy access to the domain of the interactive, while maintaining an workflow more suitable for them than traditional code-based programming. A tutorial dealing with the software Max/MSP/Jitter (m/m/j) - a common tool for interactive programming - will accompany the course.

The students will apply the aquired knowledge by working in small groups to create an interactive scenario that deals with an topic of their choice.

UPDATE your article on the wiki until latest the 27.05.2010

DEADLINE for handing in the finals: 31.05.2010

PRESENTATIONS of the final results: 03.06.2010. Please contact me in time in case you need any additional equipment on that day.


1 Introduction - What is Interactivity? Analysis of an existing work
2 m/m/j - Introduction
3 m/m/j – Live audio processing
4 m/m/j – Live video processing I Assignment I - Random Composition
5 m/m/j – Live video processing II Assignment II - Motion
6 m/m/j - Using input devices
7 m/m/j – Persistence and Control I
8 m/m/j – Persistence and Control II
9 m/m/j - Conception and Structure Creation of a structured master-patch
10 Finals - Individual group supervision
11 Finals - Individual group supervision x
12 Finals - Individual group supervision x

References and Textbooks

Example Projects

  • Façade - artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative
  • Last Call - Interactive theatrical horror movie


  • Group1: Roba Zekry, Hend Bahey, Dina Kamal
  • Group2: Aya El-Shawarby, Nehal Reda, Jamila Refky, Noura Tarek
  • Group3: Mariam Tawfik, Mariam El-Tonsy, Hend Awad, Aynour Tatanaki
  • Group4: Doha Salah, Ahmed Al-Adawy, Shady Magdy

Course Material