Course MD 601 Spring 2017 - Moving Image / Interaction Design


Lecturer | Alex Essen
Instructor | Mona Diab

A cooperation semester: Montage, Media Installation and Interaction Design (with the MET)

Group 1
Lecture/Concept | Mon., 2nd slot | D2.302
Practical | Mon., 3rd and 4th slot | D2.302

Group 2
Lecture/Concept | Tue., 5th slot | D5.101
Practical | Tue., 3rd and 4th slot | D5.101

Group 3
Lecture/Concept | Thu., 5th slot | D2.102
Practical | Thu., 3rd and 4th slot | D2.102

Course outline

This course will provide an overview about the media technology Augmented Reality (AR). The project outcome is embedded in the semester topic "Luxor" and is interdisciplinary covered.

Semester special: Media Design Meets Luxor

In this semester GUC faculties are asked to cooperate with the government of Luxor, in order to create concepts to improve the branding and image of Luxor. The Media Design department is running the “pilot project” on behalf of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts. Within our three courses “Interaction Design”, “Montage” and “Media Installation”, our students will explore topics, create concepts and merge together the three courses. For this reason our students and the supervisors will travel to Luxor from 26th to 30th of March, 2017. The course Interaction Design is further cooperating with the engineers of the MET faculty, which is also covering Luxor projects in the field of Augmented Reality (AR).

Objectives & Structure

The lectures give a briefing for the project and an overview about mainly the AR technology and several AR concepts. In those primarily theoretical lessons the students will learn to develop and explain a concept for a meaningful application of AR in the context of “Luxor”. This means to research, find and analyse potential fields of needs within the Luxor society, which could be solved with AR solutions. The subsequent technical part is the understanding and arranging of current and fitting AR technologies. This means the usage of mashup technology mainly for mobile devices as well as the modifying of several AR technologies. Considering the broad field of the Luxor semester, students are free to generate other Interaction Design concepts than AR based.


Week Content Downloads / Info
Week 01 LECTURE 01: Talking about Tourism. Assignment: Tourism campain Start of Lectures


Week 02 LECTURE 02: Assignment presentation. Assignment 02: Problems and potentials in Luxor LECTURE 02
Week 03 LECTURE 03: Augmented Reality. Based on Assgn. 1+2, assignment: AR idea for Luxor LECTURE 03

InDesign Template for AR Assign 03: http://www.guc-md.com/uploads/Main/AR_assign03_IDtemplate.zip hand-in in class next week!

Week 04 Assignment presentation. Discussion, Inclass improving of A3 template, Interface Design Sending templates to MET: Feasibility check
Week 05 Midterm Meeting on Wednesday, 15th of March: Luxor preparation meeting


Week 06 Interface Design / Luxor preparation LECTURE 04



Week 07 Luxor field trip: Analysis, footage, data, usability checks. 26th to 30th of March
Week 08 Consultations Assign. for next week:

Final Concept Presentations
Requirements and Guidelines

Week 09 Progress Presentation
(Field trip results / Refined Detailed Concept)
Final Project RoadMap:

Deadlines and Deliverables

Week 10 in-Office Consultations Appointment taken through doodle link:
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Week 11 Introduction to Invision
prototyping your application in-class
Week 12 in-Office Final Consultations Appointment taken through doodle link:
write your Group Number and Project Name (e.g. G01_The Scribe)

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Documentation: View Documentation Guidelines

Week 13 Final presentations