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Course MD601 Alex Essen | Hala Gabr


Dear Designers and very meowing people,

here some final announcements for the final presentation. Since we cancelled the big "catwalk-event-presentation" owing to organizational and administrative reasons and a generally shortened semester, we will have a "normal" final presentation of your works. It will be on:

Final Presentation: Sunday, 01.06.2014

Consultations for questions concerning the video (voluntary consultations, please write me a mail for appointments): Consultations: Wednesday, 28.05.2014

You will present a concept video, Dr. Hala and me will grade it (it is a major part of the semester grade). Here the concept video specifications:

1. The concept video should be about one and a half to three minutes (at least one and a half minute).
2. The concept video should answer following questions, that are already answered in your presentations:
2.1 Why is the topic important? Show numbers and facts.
2.2 What is the topic about?
2.3 What is your solution?
2.4 Who is your target group?
2.5 What makes your project special in comparison to other, existing ideas?
2.6 Show some technicalities: How is your input-processing-output-system working?
2.7 Show a prototype (best in effect)

- You can use text, graphics (for the numbers and facts), animations, real footage, off-voices.
- Use your (Midterm) presentations for the content of the questions.
- You may design the concept video like an advertising or an interview situation or an documentary. Up to your creativity.
- As for the short time: We don't expect a master piece, not in our Interaction Design course: We expect a video, which answers and shows the conceptual questions! Bas.

If you have any questions, let's post them. Good luck and have a nice election.

Group 1 and 2:
Lecture Group 1 & 2 | Wed. 12.30h - 14.00h | Green Room
First appointment: 26.02.2014

Group 1:
Practical Group 1 | Sun., 3rd and 4th slot | Room 120
First appointment: 02.03.2014

Group 2:
Practical Group 2 | Mon., 3rd and 4th slot | Room 120
First appointment: 03.03.2014

Course outline

1. Improving conceptual work (potential or potential), research and analyses as in previous semester and in preparation of the BA. The semester content is about "Wearables". Students are free to choose the used media and field of application.

2. Students are asked to analyse a problem or to distinguish a potential of technology in the context of "Wearables" in order to push new technologies into the market.

3. The conceptual usage of sensors (or other inputs) and actuators are mandatory, also the usage of one or more microcontroller systems as arduino, lilypad, 1Sheeld or mobile devices as mobile phones or tablets in order to combine and connect the sensors and actuators.

4. Practical part of programming and connecting devices, realized by programers. The conceptual requirments will be set by students. Those requirments should be understood and be modify-able by the students.

Objectives, Structure, graded assigments

Concept: Find problem or potential, analyse the significance of objective, research needs and target group, research technologies, transforming inspirations, writing concept, writing technical requirments for cooperation partner

Consultations and students design critics of drafts, categorizing of ideas

Midterm Presentation: Followed by consultation of programers

Development of Prototype: Weighting of the design parts is estimated 75 % Media Design, 10 % Fashion Design, 15 % Presentation)

Documentation: Project protocol, Photos, Paper and PDF Presentations.

Public Presentation: Public presentation of prototype Catwalk meets Media Design. Scientific Poster or PDF. Presentation of Poster or PDF. Video scenario and documentary of final project features


Week Title Content Downloads


02 Focus: Sensors SENSORMAN, or: HOW TO REBUILD A SUPERHERO, incl. HOMEWORK (See last slides of Lecture 02) LECTURE 02 | SENSORMAN, or: HOW TO REBUILD A SUPERHERO

03 Repetition: Sensors. Focus: Analogies Animal senses and Bionics, incl. HOMEWORK (See last slides of Lecture 03) LECTURE 03 | INSPIRATION: ANIMAL SENSES AND BIONICS

04 Midterm information Midterm briefing and specifications; research guidelines; introducing of the 20 ideas / idea clusters to be chosen of the 100 generated ideas LECTURE 04 | 20 of 100: MIDTERM SPECIFICATIONS

05 Concept development Sunday/Monday classes: Individual consultation, expertise from Mechatronics Department
06 EXAMPLE: MINDMAPPING Just an example. Please don't try this at home. LECTURE 05 (.zip file) | EXAMPLE: MINDMAP "CREEPY"


07 Presenting of Homework (in Mindmapping Tool) Sunday, 30th and Monday, 31st of March 2014, 3rd and 4th slot; Graded presentation and discussion DOWNLOAD "FREEMIND" HERE (for Mac or PC):
08 MIDTERM PRESENTATION Sunday, 6th and Monday, 7th of April 2014, 3rd and 4th slot
09 Concept of final presentation Brainstorming and discussion DOWNLOAD Mindmap here: