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"AR - Egypt Edition"

Course MD614 Alex Essen | Remone Wahib | Hala Gabr | Noha Ayoub

Let us augment Egypt.

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Handing in draft of your poster for correction: 26.05.2012., to Alex via Email!

Handing in Poster: 27.05.2012.

Rehearsal Poster Session: 30.05.2012.

Handing in Video: 30.05.2012.

Poster Session: 31.05.2012.

Handing in Documentation: 06.06.2012.

Group 1 and 2:
Lecture Group 1 & 2 | Sun. 12.30h - 14.00h | Lecture Hall H11 (C2)
First appointment: 19.02.2012

Group 2:
Practical Group 2 | Wed. 12.30h - 14.00h | MD Room (C3 - 101)
First appointment: 22.02.2012

Group 1:
Practical Group 1 | Wed. 14.30h - 16.00h | MD Room (C3 - 101)
First appointment: 22.02.2012

Course outline

This course will provide an overview about the media technology called Augmented Reality (AR). The project outcome focuses handheld AR, but also other techniques will get explained.

Objectives & Structure

The lectures give a briefing for the project and an overview about the AR technology and several AR concepts. In those primarily theoretical lessons the students will learn to develop and explain a concept for a meaningful application of AR. This means to research, find and analyse potential fields of needs within the Egypt society, which could be solved with AR solutions. The subsequent technical part is the understanding and arranging of current and fitting AR technologies. This means the usage of mashup technology mainly for mobile devices as well as the modifying of several AR technologies.


"AR - Egypt Edition" is a co-operative project of the Media Design Department (MD) and the Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology (MET) of the GUC. The students will work on group projects in a interdisciplinary team of designers (6th semester) and engineers (10th semester), so real life conditions will get trained as well as the capability to learn from the others field. This win-win-situation will also be generated to improve the final result.


Week Title Content Infos
1 Intro Kick Off Meeting: Getting started, project content, AR START OF LECTURES

(1) Project overview (2) LECTURE 1: Kick Off Lecture Slides

2 Concept Creativity techniques: Brainstorming, Moodboard, Mindmap; finding topic; ideas and concept (1) LECTURE 2: Creativity techniques

(2) Practical: AR-Software Table (3) Homework for Wednesday, 29.02.2012 / 07.03.2012: Additional Info

3 Concept Past and present of AR, examples; working on topic; ideas and concept (1) LECTURE 3: (Past and present of) "Augmented Reality", updated: Video-links, last page

(2) Practical: Group-and-topic-List from 29.02.2012 (3) Practical: Moodboard structure

4 Concept Term and meaning "Innovation" in context of AR; working on topic; ideas and concept (1) LECTURE 4: "Innovation", updated: After lecture discussion, last page

(2) Link to the "Hoppala"-Video tutorial, also explaining AR Browsers

5 Concept Practical: Group building; working on topic; ideas and concept; technical transition; visualisation of concept START OF GROUP WORKS
6 Concept Presentation of moodboard/mindmap assignment on Wednesday 28th; Sunday 25th office hours 1230 - 1400h ...
7 Concept / Visualisation / Realisation Group work: Ideas and concept; technical transition; visualisation of concept; scenario

In cooperation with the engineers: Start photoshop / screendesign the interfaces of your mobile apps. Take several steps (at least 5) which show the function of your app. Save as high resolution jpg's. Use one of the GUI's you can download on the right. Discuss with the engineer which OS and which GUI will work.


Download GUI's here.

iPhone GUI

android GUI

Other GUI's (also Blackberry GUI): and

8 Concept / Visualisation / Realisation Wednesday 11th of April LECTURE: "Documentation". Group work: Visualisation of concept; technical transition; scenario; realisation (1) LECTURE 5: "Documentation"

(2) Download "Documentation structure"

9 Visualisation / Realisation Handing in Documentation; presentation of first practical steps. Group work: Practical; visualisation of concept; scenario; realisation; testing Some scenario examples
10 Testing / Realisation Group work and self-organised groups: Practical; testing; working on presentation, scenario, final (scientific poster and media) (1.a) updated 27.05.2012! POSTER AND DOCUMENTATION: TEMPLATES

(1.b) AR-EE LOGO and logo variations


(2) Questions and structure of scientific poster

(3) Just for your interest, these are just general guidelines for a scientific poster

(4) Site for pr and project details:

Shorter URL to this page:

QR code to this short URL:

11 Testing / Realisation Group work and self-organised groups: Practical; testing; working on presentation, scenario, final (scientific poster and media) ...
12 Finalizing Working on presentation / final (scientific poster and media) ...


Group 1 | Music Idea | Raghda M., Noha A., Asmaa H., Ahmed B., Mina N. | Khaled Hassan
Group 2 | Education | Hend E., Lamiaa D., Seif K., Mina E. | Passant El Agroudy
Group 3 | Traffic | "Blow'em Up Game" | Nadine H., Nour Abd El Hamid, Omar G., Nermin M. | MoatazMekki
Group 4 | Tourism | Nada G., Yara M., Youmna F., Mariam Al Mokadem | Iman Mansour
Group 5 | Tourism | Christopher M., Ali H., Mohamed Abo El Wafa, Belal R., Karim S. | Ahamed Tarek El Ghoroury
Group 6 | Education (?) | "3D Books" | Roba M., Nissmah R., Abla M., | Mohamoud Hossam El Din
Group 7 | Disability | Forat S., Amira El Badry, Merna S. | Dina Helal
Group 8 | Food Shopping | Hana S., Sandra M., Ghalia A., Sara S. | Omar Shafie
Group 9 | Shopping | Rana El Ghohary, Nada H., Mohamed A., Loai N. | Mohamed Hisham
Group 10 | Shopping | Reem A., Yasmina R., Sarah El Saeed, Seif H., Ahmed M. | Ahmed Mostafa
Group 11 | (?) | Digital Attendance System | Al Shiemaa R., Farah M., May F., Mia A., Amina S.| Salem Sayed
Group 12 | Diabetes | Kareem M., Zeinab El Badrawi, Donia R., Mina A. | Aya Sakr