Interaction Design (3 blocks)

Course MD614 | Hala Gabr, Bernd Dudzik

The body is our general medium for having a world. - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

This cross disciplinary course is aiming to describe how we interact with artifacts and interfaces through our bodies. Starting from the usage of a chair we have a closer look on how we physically adopt to media. Which role does our body memory play in these processes?

Keywords: body memory, phenomenology of interactivity, gestural interfaces, user experience

by Daniel Crooks


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Course Outline

This course will focus on broadening the perception of what Interaction Design means and how it is applied. The students will develop a historical and theoretical perspective of Interaction Design in order to be able to approach current and future developments. The course will evaluate the role of Interaction Design in society, how it keeps influencing and augmenting our lives.

1 Mar 16 What is Interaction Design? History of Interaction Design and bodily turn

Read and discuss Body Memory by Thomas Fuchs

Assignment 1

2 Mar 23 Computation as material I IPO-Modell, input devices, physical computing, generative design Read and discuss The Elements of Interaction Design by Dan Saffer
3 Mar 30 Computation as material II Introduction to Interactive Programming (Max5, VVVV, PD, etc.) Read and discuss Transforming Mirrors by David Rokeby
4 Apr 6 Computation as material III Basic Interactive Programming with Max5 Assignment 2
5 Apr 13 Interaction design principles I (Inter-)Action as Perception
6 Apr 20 Interaction design principles II Affordances, constraints and the environment Read and discuss Affordance, conventions and design by Donald Norman
7 Apr 27 Interaction design principles III Gestures and Interfaces
8 May 4 Kick-off meeting final project Assignment 3
9 May 11 Individual group meetings Conceptual and technical support
11 May 18 Individual group meetings Conceptual and technical support
12 May 25 Individual group meetings Conceptual and technical support
13 June 1 Individual group meetings Conceptual and technical support
14 June 8 Individual group meetings technical support
15 June 15 Final presentation

Learning Outcome, Competences

Provides an introduction to Interaction Design from a user centered perspective. The course covers topics as design patterns, interaction principles, requirements analysis, I/O devices etc. It deals with the interaction between people with products, information and situations through electronic media and information technology as central components.


The total grade for this course is based on:

  • Theoretical Assignments (15%): Online and in-class discussions of the distributed texts
  • Practical Assignments (15%): Practical assignments handed in
  • A final project (70%): Final project, documentation on this wiki and presentation


Group 1 // The Tahrir Experience -Mahitab Yasser, Farah Ahmed
Group 2 // Mariam Tawfik, Nadine Amr, Mariam Tonsy
Group 3 // Remote Control - Sara Sallam
Group 4 // 'Surf's Up' - Frederic Fendrich, Yacoub Yassin, Noha Ayoub
Group 5 // Calling Spot - Mennat-Allah Kheireldin, Shahd Galal, Hend Bahey, Esmeralda Mahmoud
Group 6 // The Inner Conflict - Hazem Mahmoud Ali & Nadia Wernli
Group 7 // ToneControl - Hesham Ashour, Mohammed Sherif, Mohammed Alaa
Group 8 // FakeMedia - Ranin Ahmed, Reem Sami, Amira Khaled & Maidaa Ismail
Group 9 // The Anaglyph Game - Heba Mohsen

You are the controller, Microsoft Xbox Kinect advertisement, 2011

Example Projects