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Course MD100X Spring 2011 Christian M. Fischer

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Description: This course will focus on Interface Design as advanced web design regarding human computer interaction and usability issues. One major task is to think about how to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Thereby we focus on the following attributes:

    * Clarity: the information content is conveyed quickly and accurately.
    * Discriminability: the displayed information can be distinguished accurately.
    * Conciseness: users are not overloaded with extraneous information.
    * Consistency: a unique design, conformity with userís expectation.
    * Detectability: the userís attention is directed towards information required.
    * Legibility: information is easy to read.
    * Comprehensibility: the meaning is clearly understandable, unambiguous, interpretable, and recognizable.

Objectives: As an outcome students will learn how to design and evaluate state of the art Web Interfaces. This includes to reflect design processes from the users perspective. Thereby students will manage how to balance technical functionality and visual elements to create a system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.

Keywords: Web Design, HCI, Usability

References and Textbooks


Date Topic Report by Assignments Info
1 Introduction - Basic Web Design Gone in 60 Minutes
2 Software I - Dreamweaver Built a menu for an Archaeology Online Magazine
3 HCI and Usability
4 Software II - Rome Built a page for XYZ-Bank
5 Functionality
6 Software III - Flash Present an idea for a multimodal web interface
7 Final Assignment Supervision

Links to useful example websites, products, ideas...

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Colors 1 & 2 General Information on Color Reference 1, Reference 2
Design Theory Just to refresh your memory ;-) Form Follows Function
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