Course MD100X Winter 2010/11

Interface Design

Christian M. Fischer

"This is not a touchscreen?!"
by an unkonwn user

We, 16:00am in C3-120
First appointment: October 13., 2010

Interface Design covers various topics like the design of physical and virtual interfaces, usability, human computer interaction, interaction design, user experience design, design of software interfaces, information architecture and visualization, advanced media technologies or user-centered design, to name but a view.

In this course we will focus on the major design principles that can be applied on a variety of techniques.

References and Textbooks


Date Topic Report by Assignments Info
13.10. Introduction - The User Idea & Qualitative research - Report
17.10. Color - The web I Salma Built an interface based on color
31.10. The web II
28.11. The web III Built an interface based on shape
05.12. Shape / Sctripture Nourhan / Nawarra
12.12. Activity Week No Teaching Activity
19.12. Final project supervision Individual meetings
02.01. Implementation / Spatiality Mohamed / Ayah

List of links to useful example websites, products, ideas...

Topic Description Link
Web Design / CSS Check out the designs CSS Zengarden
Colors 1 & 2 General Information on Color Reference 1, Reference 2
Design Theory Just to refresh your memory ;-) Form Follows Function
Design Theory Scientific Article about Haptic Shape Cues Article as PDF
Design Theory Scientific Article on TUI Tangible User Interfaces
Online Audio Experiments Isle of Tune click here
Online Audio Experiments Seaquence click here
Audio Software Set ixi click here

Implementation Workshop - January 26. & 27.

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