Hybrid Media


Course MD701

WS 2018

Groups 1 & 4

Instructor: Mohammad Shawky Hassan

Group 1 | Mon. 2nd, 3rd & 4th slots | D2.101

Group 4 | Sun. 1st, 2nd & 3rd slots | D2.101

Lecture Groups 1, 2, 3, 4 | Wed. 2nd slot | H1/SoundLab.D5.106

Face A/ Face B, 2003 by Rabih Mroué



- Tutorial 2 slot/week (compulsory attendance)

- Practical 1 slots/week (compulsory attendance)

- Lecture 1 slot/week


Each tutorial will be an in-depth exploration of one aspect of audiovisual production, with the goal of understanding the complex interrelation between the sound, image and text. Different modes of “hybridity” and aesthetic strategies will be introduced and thoroughly discussed. Through a combination of readings, screenings, discussions, tutorials, in-class exercises and practical assignments, students will hone their capacities for audiovisual imagination and become better equipped to produce hybrid works that traverse varied visual and aural domains.

Course Weights

- Report 25%

- Midterm (Project conception: File + class presentation) 25%

- Final (Project realization and presentation) 50%


  • Michel Chion, “The Audiovisual Scene.”
  • Rick Altman, “Four and a Half Film Fallacies.”
  • Mohamed Abdel Nabi, “The Ear: Map of Hearing and Disobedience.”
  • Haytham Al Wardani, "Sounds of the Middle Class"
  • Lucie Ryzova, "I have the Picture: The Making of Photographic Heritage in Contemporary Egypt"
  • Theo Van Leeuwen, “Speech, Music, Sound." (Excerpts)
  • James Wierzbicki, “Music, Sound and Filmmakers: Sonic Style in Cinema.” (Excerpts)


Week Topic
Week 1 Introducing the Audiovisual
Week 2 Sound on Screen/ Film as a sonic Medium
Week 3 The Subjective Turn: The Audiovisual Contract in Practice
Week 4 Listening
Week 5 Sonic Thinking: From Soundscape to Soundtrack
Week 6 Working with Archives
Week 7 Midterm Concept Presentation
Week 8 What do Pictures Want?: Issues in Contemporary Visual Culture
Week 9 What’s in a Voice?
Week 10 Vertical Montage: Integrating Image, Sound and Text
Week 11 Music, Sound and Filmmakers
Week 12 Final Preparation
Week 13 Final Project Presentation