Course MD701 Winter 2010/11

Hybrid Media

Prof. Fetzner, C. Fischer, B. Dudzik

This seminar will reflect the relation of the face and its identity focusing on hybrid culture and the internet. In cooperation with the master seminar IMMERSIVE MEDIA at Furtwangen University

FACE/OFF Digital Crossculture Project


Tuesday, 12:30am in C3-120
First appointment: September 21, 2010

We will open an intercultural discussion between Egyptian and German students about their understanding of the face as a part of their identity and as an expression of their personality. As a starting point we will do a research on the semantics and the tradition of masks and how people nowadays present their faces on social platforms like facebook.

How does a manipulated vision affect our feelings and our social behavior? Why is there a popular social networking called FACE-book, how do we present our likeness in the web and how does this affect our construction of identity? How does religion, culture, fashion and sun glasses affect the appearance of our faces? How do we use our vision in Skype conversations? How does this feel and what is the difference between communicating by sound only, using video or having a real face2face communication? How does the use of the video in Skype affect the private and the public face? Which kind of interFACE are we going to use in 2020?

"No, no, no, don't tell this, don't reveal this...."
Vito Acconci in Face-Off, 1973

During the GUC activity week in the first week of December we plan to visit a partner class at Furtwangen University, which is dealing with the same topic during the semester. In a workshop about the intercultural aspects of the digital face we try to work out cultural characteristics which occur in the use of digital media.

The final assignment of the course will be the construction of a hybrid and digitally transformed image during a fictional Skype dialogue which is based on an own story and technically realized by the software Max5. An accompanying scientific paper of 3-5 pages and a video documentation will contextualize students individual approaches with other art work and research in this field. The papers shall be delivered to conferences like the IVSA in Vancouver/CA and Transcultural Forms of Body Memory at the GUC in 2011.

Those without a report. Please send a self chosen paper, concerning our topic, from one of the well known libraries. Submit it before the Eid holidays

Date Lecture Practical Work Assignments 2Read & Study Minute & Report
SEPT 21 Intro Watch Face/Off by John Woo What is the connection of "Face/Off" and "Face-book"? 1.Interactive Film and the Multiplied Self
2.Facebook Project
SEPT 28 Facebook and Identity Introduction to Facebook Create Fake Facebook Account - Try to be a German and join our FACE/OFF Facebook Group 1.Play and discuss Chatroulette


OCT 05 Final Assignment preparation Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters Interpretation of the Ursonate 1.Read and discuss online Through Design and Transdisciplinarity Minute
OCT 12 Research & Papers, Report about Masks Online research (ACM, iEEE,...), Write paper outline Write a short scientific paper: "The use of social networks as a mask of young people in Egypt" 1.Papers from the online research
2.HCI Tutorial
OCT 19 Concept presentation of the Skype performances HCI workshop Each group present their concept for the German students inside the Face/Off FaceBook Group 1.Globalization and Cultural Identity Minute
Date Lecture Practical Work Assignments 2Read & Study Minute & Report
OCT 26 Hybrid Culture and Identity Improvised Skype perfromances - oppositions Research about Skype; Wiki entry according to a scientific paper, Administration of our Facebook group 1. Improving Cross Cultural Communications through Collaborative Technologies
NOV 02 Conceptual Clearing Phase (CCP 1) The Social Network - Movie Work on Skype performance 1.Face/off in the body of the enemy by Robert Eikmeyer
NOV 09 Conceptual Clearing Phase (CCP 2) Work on Skype performance Work on Skype performance Read and discuss online Mutual Incorporation by Fuchs and De Jaegher
NOV 16 Eid Holidays
NOV 23 Midterm Exams Individual group meetings will take place!!
DEC 07 Production Week Work on Skype performance Work on Skype performance ...
DEC 14 Activity Week at Furtwangen University. Workshop with the master course Immersive Media of Prof. Dr. Bruno Friedmann and Robert Eikmeyer
DEC 21 Final Supervision & 3 student reports Class Discussion WIKI Documentation ...
DEC 28 No lecture free work Enhancing Projects, WIKI Documentation ...
JAN 04 Final Presentation Class Discussion ... ...

Assignments: apart from the weekly assignments (see syllabus), everybody has to do ONE presentation of a text and ONE minute of the weekly meetings.










2:15 - 2:45 : Salma El Alfy , Mahmoud Kamel , Aisha Ghaly & Rana Mansour

2:45 - 3:15 : Christine Ramez , Nora Kahil & Menna Mostafa

3:15 - 3:45 : Yasmin Shehab , Ghada Fikri & Ehab El Gamasy

3:45 - 4:15 : Perry Ahmed , Omar Gaafar , Sherif Bishara & Doaa Yousef

4:15 - 4:45 :Yasmin Kandil , Engy Allam , Salma Baki

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