Course MD701

Hybrid Media

Prof. Fetzner, C. Fischer, Bernd Dudzik | Winter 2009/10

Performances, Workshop and Exhibition

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Max Bense the course "Hybrid Media" accompanied a series of a performances and installations at the GUC, at the Goethe Institute Cairo and at the Max-Bense Symposium at Wilhemspalais Stuttgart. The course was part of the creative research project fogpatch.

January 31st 2010 at Goethe Institute Cairo

Lecture performance "seismic body memory"

by Prof. Daniel Fetzner, Georg Hobmeier, Henry Vega and Bernd Dudzik

Video documentation by Emma Benany


January 26th 2010 at German University Cairo

Workshop and Talk

by the performance artist Georg Hobmeier (A) and by the sound artist Henry Vega (NL)


January 31st until February 7th 2010 at Goethe Institute Gallery

Exhibition of media installations by GUC students

which have been developped in the course "Hybrid Media" with the design students Alaa El-Barbary, Ayman AboulKhir, Emma Benany, Hagar Mahmoud, Heba El-Kest, Kanzy Taha and Mona Diab under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Fetzner, Christian M. Fischer and Bernd Dudzik. Curated by Christian M. Fischer.


February 6th 2010 at Wilhelmpalais Stuttgart

Lecture performance "seismic body memory"

by Daniel Fetzner, Georg Hobmeier, Henry Vega and Bernd Dudzik

Date Lecture Practical Work Assignments
Oct 08 What is fogpatch about? Introduction to the software MAX 5

Watching the movie Das Netz

Body memory and pain. Write an abstract of about 150 words where your body memory is located? Where and how do you feel it? Upload your assignment at youtube and embed it on this page.
Oct 15 fogpatch installations Presentation of the assignments / 2.Introduction to the software MAX 5
Oct 22 fogpatch performance Presentation of the assignments / 3.Introduction to the software MAX 5 Upload your assignments and embed them on this page. Download the following patches and modify them. Patch_Christian

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