Heba El Kest


MOBILE010 2036661
OFFICE HOURSyou can ask me whenever!
ROOMC3.123 or C3.122
DUTYAssistant in interactive media installations.

About Me

Since joining arts I was really interested in the field of motion graphics and had my mind set on that, until I was introduced to interactive media, which opened up a brand new world of possibilities to me. I wish to pursue and develop my skills in both fields trying to merge them together and applying to different scenes and applications as well as continue with my "hidden" passion for photography.

How Can I Help You ...

PHOTOGRAPHYequipment, and technicals.
VIDEOequipment, technicals, Editing and theory.
SOFTWAREAdobe Photoshop, Adobe after effects, MaxMSP
INTERACTIVITYbuilding installations.