Emma Benany


MOBILE010 14 69 354
OFFICE HOURSyou can ask me whenever!
ROOMC2. 302
DUTYVideo Sessions

About Me

I do photography, have been freelancing for three years now. I've been working with a production house for a year, I was assigned on a drama TV series to be shown soon. My job was to document the casting auditions and the script writing meetings and brainstorming. Then I was assigned as the set photographer during the shooting, then as an assistant director under-training.
Lately, I've been dealing with electronics and programing, I did and am doing interactive installations, and I just enjoy it to the maximum!

How Can I Help You ...

PHOTOGRAPHYTtechnicals, light and theory.
VIDEOTechnicals, light and theory.
SOFTWAREPhotoshop, Final-cut, DVD studio pro, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator.
INTERACTIVITY PureData, MaxMSp, Arduino, some electronics, soldering and sensors.