Digital Media I

Course CBD 101 Stefan Haake, Mina Youssef, Hanzada El-Bedewy

"It's all Greek to me."

Group 01: Thursday, 10.30 am in MacLab C2-209, First appointment: 13.10.2011

Group 02: Wednesday, 12.30 pm in MacLab C2-209, First appointment: 12.10.2011

Group 03: Thursday, 2.15 pm in MacLab C2-209, First appointment: 13.10.2011

Group 04: Tuesday, 4.00 pm in MacLab C2-209, First appointment: 11.10.2011

Group 05: Monday, 12.30 pm in MacLab C2-209, First appointment: 10.10.2011

Course outline

Computer skills are basic instruments for designer’s work in all fields. The course supplies students with knowledge of Os X systems in order to organize structure and archive files and use peripheral devices as scanning, downloading, displaying, etc. The introductory course also deals with the Adobe Photoshop. The students are trained to apply strategies of self organized learning in order to be able to adapt to increasing technological developments of computer programs.


Week Title Content Infos
1 Intro Getting started and what is important
2 Introduction to Photoshop Differences between Graphic programs, the Menu and work space
3 Formats and layers Understanding Different formats of savings and working with layers Assignment 1: 3 files with different sizes and formats
4 Tools Starting with tools (text tool, lasso, blur……) Submitting last week's assignment
5 Eid El Adha No teaching
6 Tools Continuing with tools (tracing). Assignment: 2 different shapes and cutting them in a different
7 Midterm No teaching
8 Activity week No teaching Various Workshops
9 Tools Continuing with tools (brushes and effects, retouching….) Assignment 3: retouching a picture and using brushes
10 Submitting last week's assignment and midterm exam
11 Adjustments and masks Understanding color adjustments and masks Assignment 4: combining 2 photos together in the same layout
12 Filters and effects Understanding filters and different effects Assignment 5: applying different filters and effect to a shape and a picture
13 Final Final assignment

Course weights: Final 40%, Midterm 40%, Assignments 20%