Course MD102

Digital Media 1

Christian Fischer| Winter 2009/10

"The aim of design is to define space"

Graphical interchange format, cascading style sheets, audio interchange file format, hyper text markup language, bitmap, joint photographic experts group, shockwave flash, portable network graphics, musical instrument digital interface, tagged image file format, ...

This course will give a basic introduction into the use of the computer (MAC) it's software (CS3) and it's interfaces as fundamental tools for any kind of design.


Week Title Content Infos
1 Computer Basics I Getting started - interfaces, interaction, administration
2 Computer Basics II Server, email, browser, the wiki, webdesign with Photohop
3 Photoshop I Digital Imaging - the tools Assignment: Create an animated gif with at least three frames
4 Photoshop II Digital Imaging - color models
5 Illustrator I Vector Graphics - design tool Live Assignment: REMIX - try to copy the presented poster
6 Revision Week
7 Dreamweaver I Introduction - Dreamweaver & HTML Assignment: Take a screenshot of a well designed webpage and explain why you like it
8 Dreamweaver II HTML Basics - Tables, Links, Images Assignment: Create a small portfolio webpage
9 Eid El Adha Holiday
10 InDesign I Introduction into Desktop publishing Assignment: Create a layout for a business letter (logo, address,etc.) using InDesign
11 InDesign II Designing a poster

Here you can find all necessary information concerning the FINAL ASSIGNMENT. Deadline 14.01.2010 - 12.00h!
Here you can find all necessary information concerning the grading procedure and the pop quiz.